'A murder every other day': Arab sector reels in face of spiraling violence
Hassan Shaalan
Published: 06.01.19, 12:05
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1. Yet another failure of Arab List leadership
Tim ,   Brighton   (01.07.19)
So TOTALLY OUT OF TOUCH, rather than addressing such social issues and challenges and advancing progress and prosperity of their Israeli Arab constituents who they are obliged to serve, the Zoabis and Silly Tubby Tibis foster societal division, exclusion and mistrust that inevitably exacerbates the climate of inter community tension, just to raise their own profiles and 'popularity' and serve their own agendas

2. Honor killings,Revenge killings Terror killings -any reason
Alan ,   SA   (01.07.19)
is an appropriate reason. Any city any country anywhere on earth
3. Police should stay away from intercenine Arabs
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (01.07.19)
The less Arabs in this world, the better civilized humanity is.
4. 97% Jew Police, almost no Arab Police, why? Racist Jews.
Joey Goebbels ,   Sar HaHasbara   (01.07.19)
5. weakness kills the enemy-hate
PermReader   (01.08.19)
The seconf phase after Jew-hate is the self-hate, that will change in due course with the Islam hate in the near future.
6. Like black communities in US lack of law and order....
The police in a twisted form of racism refuse to police minority areas leaving the mostly peaceful people to be controlled by gangs and thugs.
Maybe the same is true in Israel.
Tribal mentality is dangerous with the additional of cultural violent norms.
7. And so..police all over the world allow
Al   (01.09.19)
Those that they have no concern about kill themselves with abandon.

So friggin what..get over it.
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