New US law threatens Israeli-Palestinian security cooperation
Elior Levy, Ynetnews
Published: 30.12.18, 22:09
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1. Elior Levy wants it both ways
DSM ,   USA   (12.30.18)
If the U.S. gives too much money to the Palestinians there is an outcry from Israel and writers such as Levy. And if they stop the flow of money to the Palestinians there is the outcry that the terrorists will become bigger terrorists.
The only real resolution is for Israel to become so strong on it's own that even terrorists become afraid to attack. Of course that means Israel must find a leader somewhere who puts Israel above his own political goals.
2. Jew Occupied Territory, US Congress, Israel's Donkey
Steve Benassi ,   Plymouth, MN USA   (12.31.18)
Jews repeating History, abusing their host nations, now it's America and Palestine, Abusive Jews will be Expelled or Killed for their crimes, greed, theft, murder, again
3. Stanley Cohen- do you think Mark Sherry is Israeli?
Ken   (12.31.18)
4. talking to terrorists
shloime ,   toronto   (12.31.18)
why does every negotiation with terrorists end with “or we kill you”?
5. the money will not be wasted any more...
Jew6pack ,   BROOKHAVEN   (12.31.18)
the arabs will devour each other the way the black widow (i.e. ms. arafathead) kills and eats it's mates...same thing with arabs... they eat their young...and shamelessly make their children martyrs and human sheilds...such lovely people.
6. If Jews cannot do it, the Americans are happy to help!
7. Absurd!
Hal ,   sydney   (12.31.18)
So the Israeli & US administrations are running around to find a way to allow the Palestinian Authority to keep paying terrorists to kill Jews?
8. "Security" & Arabs: where's the connection?!
9. Arabs masquerading as "Pals" must be brought to their knees!
10. Violence and brutality in Palestinian society
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (12.31.18)
The culture of violence and hatred and victimhood in Palestinian society

So deeply embedded by years of institutional and media brainwashing and incitement the violence is just as likely to manifest in HUSHED UP Palestinian to Palestinian violence as in Palestinian to Jewish violence.

And it doesnt stop there. Where in the world does a governmental authority assign UP TO 20% of its entire GDP just to fund the lifestyle and new houses of families of terrorists year after year?

Without security and law and order and moral leadership, the entire fabric of Palestinian society, the PA and any hope of self determination and statehood is at real risk of self destruction..
11. This is our land! We don't need "Palestinian" help
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.31.18)
This tiny land belongs to Jews now and forever. We have no need of "Palestinian" security help. In fact, the terrorist P.A. either perpetrates or condones virtually all the terrorism from "Palestinian" communities in Judea and Samaria. Time to end this sick "Palestinian" charade once and for all and claim ALL our land.
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