New York Times calls shooting of Gaza medic ‘possible war crime’
Published: 31.12.18, 14:15
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1. Prosecution, Judge & Juror.
tiki ,   belgium   (12.31.18)
The NYT has wriggled itself into a new low in their anti Israel bias with a lot of maybe's & assumptions
2. What kind of trial? By journalist? With no access to any
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (12.31.18)
evidence or witnesses?
Yeah right!!
3. Mr
Lionel Weber ,   Toronto   (12.31.18)
Why is the NY Times fixated on the [so called] war crimes of Israel. What about the war crimes of the Palestinians, innocent civilians are murdered almost every day. The Palestinian [so called] government definitely have a hand in it, thru their constant incitement and their payments to the terrorists and their families. Why does the NY Times completely ignore this ?
4. NYT
Me   (01.01.19)
Any investigations of executions in Iraq and Syria? Investigations of IDF sells more papers and more ads; Is that right?
5. Hamas human shield evolution.
DOV ,   USA   (12.31.18)
NYT article absolutely sounds and looks like the propaganda machine of Hamas. Distortion of reality. I don't think the IDF would give the New York Times Sniper positioning or any other evidence related to activity during operation Hamas Human shield. Thousands of photos and videos were used is exaggeration at best. I'm sure this NYT investigation was carried out under the supervision Of the Hamas terror government. How could it be legitimate? Hamas's intention was to draw IDF into all out urban warfare where who knows how many lives would have been lost on both sides and they failed.
6. Maybe if the Times worked as hard reporting...
David ,   Hartford USA   (12.31.18)
about the extermination of the Jews in Europe as it does with this single woman, MILLIONS more Jews would be alive today. The Times, never bought a copy, never will.

7. I'd call NY Times 'a possible lying rag", how's that?
8. Najjar: "I am an army to myself and a sword to my arny"
C   (01.01.19)
so why is anyone surprised that this barely out of teenagehood girl rebellious, and amply willing to fight, will do exactly that and nothin less.

9. Ridiculous
Ed ,   USA   (01.01.19)
"1000 [doctored] photos and videos . . . Taken by [Hamas] journalists, medical personnel, and protesters"

Who could take this seriously? Especially when it's been done so often before. Once again the media is duped--but only because this is just what it was looking for.
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