Netanyahu: I would not resign during any indictment hearing process
Published: 31.12.18, 23:03
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1. Bibi is like a frying pan with non-stick coating
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (01.01.19)
Nothing sticks - and he'll make sure of that.
2. hopefully it won't come to that
David   (01.01.19)
PM Netanyahu is one of the most strategically capable leaders we have ever had-- hopefully it won't come to the point that he is indicted. It would be nice if he could focus completely on the business of statecraft, without having the cloud of legal problems hanging over him.
3. "Poor" democracy: nothing particularly impressive in itself,
it gets dragged forth every time anyone wants to silence the opponents.
Maybe democracy should be abolished entirely?
It's not a system agreeable with basic human nature.
We enforce it while convincing ourselves that it's 'the best' form of dictatorship known to man.
Maybe it isn't?
4. So the anti-Zionist Union will have to take him down at the
Oh my, that will NEVER!
What are they to do, poor schmucks?
5. Tricky business indeed. Should make law akin to France/USA.
6. As a secular Zionist albeit living in Canada while my kids
Al   (01.01.19)
live in Israel.

I cannot for the life of me understand why any Jew with a semblance of a brain would vote for this pompous piece of work.

He can tell a story but he certainly cant govern.

Entitled arrogant pompous and yes a BS artist.

Are there no capable Jews in Israel who can run for office and defeat him?

He has failed to protect the country which should be his number 1 job.

What will it take for people to realise he is a waste and needs to be booted out of office?
7. leiberman says bibi is fake right
geroge   (01.01.19)
lieberman who sat too long with netanyahu and should have left earlier; he felt bibi was too much like herzog of the left. nonetheless, he is correct about bibi who runs scared when confronting enemies. he is mostly all talk. in several battles with hamas, he has been anemic doing the least possible because he is scared. he has demonstrated this over and over again.he pays bribes for hamas to be quiet. he has no guts to take down illegal Arab villages, no guts whatsoever.

bibi will have time to reflect as olmert did sitting in jail because that is where he and his wife are headed unless they cut deals and step down. Israelis are sick of the 2 of them.

shaked and bennett should shut up about bibi being relected. rather they should go for the top job themselves.

without a doubt bibi is fake right as lieberman says.
8. For democracy,against persecution
PermReader   (01.01.19)
The impudent leftist persecution of Netanyahu `ve proprieted the analogue in America withe the same shameful compain against Trump and the Judge Kavanaugh. Both persecutions organized by the elites in power, were submitted as the vox populi in the best interest of the Jewish (American) peoples. Both are the example of the leftist demagoguery.
9. "A Terrible Blow to Democracy"
Ed ,   USA   (01.01.19)
sure ... so long as you define democracy the way it's practiced in China, Russia, Egypt, ...

10. Worry not,Democracy is like a battered wife: used & bruised!
11. Horrible political system!
Rich ,   Toronto   (01.02.19)
You can‘t get corrupt politicians out of office. There is absolutely no accountability in government to the citizens of Israel. So much for Democracy.
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