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Brazil's Bolsonaro assumes office amid big hopes and fears
AP, Reuters
Published: 01.01.19, 20:52
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1. Brazilian Trump, will destroy Brazil
2. Worst PR Ever
N ,   N   (01.03.19)
Worst PR Ever was overjoyed to greet the future destroyer of the Brazilian rain forest and and the native tribes. Being on good terms with Trumps seems to be a strong indicator for political idiocy. The question is only: Is the embracement of Trump only one of the symptoms or one of the causes for that syndrome?
3. Brazilian President
Maria Martins ,   Brasilia   (01.03.19)
Bolsonaro came to save the nation.
4. 11% of Brazilian land is a nature reserve
Brazilian Guy ,   RJ   (01.06.19)
Brazil has the size of Europe the Native Indians and Natural Reserves cover about 11 of brazilian land. A region bigger than most European countries. The land is to big to keep a control on that.
5. Brazilain Trump is saving us From Corrupt Left
Bolsonaro is christian who belives in good, hard work and fight corruption.
The Left or opposition to him is a criminal gang which steal money from the poorest people, supported Iran, Hezbollah,Palestinians and M. Kaddafi.
And other dicatorships in the Latin America such as Cuba and Venezuela.
Of course brazilian people will vote on him
6. Scary
Avi L.   (01.08.19)
Scary because Bibi, once more, chose a donaldian politician, whose chef ideologue in the government comes out with nonsense of the caliber of "economical oligarcs allied with maoists" or that Donald "brings forth a vision of the West not based on capitalism (sic) and on liberal democracy, but on the recovery of a symbolic past" ... alien conspiracy is usually the next logical step

One more cheap and fast PR stunt meant to hide the real problems like Hamas in the south and khomeynists in the north and try to prop up his image before the justice onslaught
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