We need to talk about Iran and Russia in this Israeli election
David Makovsky and Dennis Ross
Published: 02.01.19, 23:42
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1. But they have been offered a state in 1948
Me   (01.03.19)
They rejected it as well as all other arab nations. They attacked and lost. Done and dusted 70 years ago. Why are we keeping mincing water?
2. Please, no advice from two Obama leftovers
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (01.03.19)
3. More Leftist Drivel
A Simple Jew ,   Beer Sheva   (01.03.19)
These two have been trying to surrender Israel to the Arabs for years. Now, they come up with the same old BS-- appease Hamas, and appease leftist American Jews who want Israel to give up territory to Israel's mortal enemies. Ignore everything they say.
4. Great article. One possibility is not discussed :
Tehraniporou   (01.03.19)
Multilateral diplomacy in the region
5. Obamaists speaking. Not interested.
6. These issues won't be debated during elections
Avi L.   (01.03.19)
and not after the elections.

Elections will be fought over slogans, slanders, accusations and PR

Solving Gaza is bloody, Lebanon and Syria even more.

Candidates will paint some rosy and optimistic future, that's it
7. American Jews can't save Right Wing Israel from itself
Minority "Jewish State" will not survive at center of Muslim world, it's only a matter of time before Palestinians will get the vote.
8. You named it - without Russia nothing will go in ME
Mr.Reason ,   Berlin   (01.04.19)
Russia's voice will be the ultimo ration in the future, not only in ME.
Israel did right to not to join the failing West in it's childish and demascing russophobia based on fake accusations.
Despite warnings, USA destroyed the strategical weapons balancing agreements, moved NATO towards Russian borders, underestimated - yet again - Russian stamina.
Now USA lost its military advantage. The bill will be paid by those, who relight too much on the paper tiger, who will retrieve to it's territory rather sooner than later.
Israel must takehe innitiative in it's hands, and finally get an international plan on the way to organize a payout package for the so called Palestinians to be relocated in to other Arab countries. Why can EU absorb millions refugies from countries the West has destroyed illegally, but cant take the Gaza population and finance it's relocation?
Israel must stay on course and improve relations with Russia, Euroasia, and become less dependend in defense on US.
Iran is aiming at Israel because of Israel's close relationsbto USA.
As less the US will have to say in ME, as less will be the Iranian threat.
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