Livni: I was surprised, not humiliated by Gabbay's shock split
Moran Azulay, Alexandra Lukash
Published: 02.01.19, 20:03
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1. Mr. Avi Gabbay is a devious businessman, but not a
Alexander Scheiner ,   Israel   (01.02.19)
wise politician, or, not to mention, a statesman.

What he did to Mrs. Tzipi Livni, he is able to repeat with the Israeli citizens and with possible political partners.
2. She looks nice lady. But missing the Charisma of a PM.
Eden   (01.02.19)
3. In politics it just doesn’t make a diddly squat what you
4. Right Wing Israel will destroy itself, drunk with American
Steve Benassi ,   Plymouth, MN USA   (01.03.19)
... power, the minority "Jewish State" will not survive demographically, even with continued American support, which will end eventually.

5. Livini is beyond 'humiliation', that term doesn't register
with her.
Quite thick-sculled lady, even for a politician.
6. Rats turning on each other
Jack korn ,   Brooklyn   (01.03.19)
Two traitorous filthy RATS turning on each other while. Escaping a sinking boat, oh my how delicious it is watching this
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