More than half of Israel's immigrants in 2018 not recognized as Jews
Kobi Nachshoni
Published: 02.01.19, 23:03
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1. DNA... No Jewish Race, Hebrews became Christians and Muslims
Steve Benassi ,   Plymouth, MN USA   (01.03.19)
Ashkenazi are European.
2. "the Orthodox rabbinical establishment" in Israel
Alexander Scheiner ,   Israel   (01.03.19)
is a bigot, selfish Institution, lacking social empathy and enjoying a life of parasitism.

They are the most un-Jewish people in the Jewish State Israel.

For Zion
3. Ruth wasn't Jewish and look how her line turned out.
David ,   Hartford USA   (01.03.19)
Shame on the rabbis for making it so difficult to be a Jew. (As if there are too many of us!)
4. Religions seek absolut dominance, that's their nature. As
long as people are willing to subjugate themselves to priestly slavery, well: who cares?
Maybe they're not 'Jews' but sure as hell are 'Israelis' and to me, that's much more important.
5. It's OK, 54% don't recognize God as a 'god': we're even! :-)
6. m
moishe   (01.03.19)
better get problem fixed before big problems happen. onus on orthodox to provide practical fix that does not drive everyone crazy. poor leadership makes problems for people. god creates; people destroy. shame if it happens in Israel reborn in our times.
7. How to destroy JEWISH state in 1 easy lesson !
8. marriage isn't constitutional right
boldy   (01.03.19)
In any country whatsoever. Instead of focusing on the problem of all the non-jews who are pouring into the country because of the infamous breach in the Return law, the article tries to pomp about "dark religious rabbinate" and "waaaaccciiissm". This is the one and only Jewish country in the world and they know very well how you can marry here and everyone interested does it pretty easy. Doesn't suit you? Don't move here and demand we'd change our "dark laws" for you.
9. I have news for you..the Haredi cultists arent either
Al   (01.03.19)
These clowns have usurped the Jewish religion a long time ago.

Most Jews have a very poor understanding of Judaism and so the haredi cultists are attractice as they pander to superstition and feel good paganism.

They have very little to do with Judaism.
10. Change the Law of Return!
Bar Star ,   Jerusalem   (01.03.19)
Stop flooding Israel with Gentiles who come for economic reasons from most anti-Semitic parts of the world such as Ukraine.
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