State-funded religious schools reject black children who 'will traumatize their classmates'
Adir Yanko
Published: 04.01.19, 16:58
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1. This is now making it to
NY times, NZ Herald and Sydney Morning Herald
To the glory of the state of Israel. Now I truly believe in God. He knew what he was doing back then
2. Totally Despicable
Jason, Ph.D. ,   Charlotte   (01.04.19)
This is utterly pathetic. These schools should definitely be punished. Furthermore, this is completely against the spirit of Halacha. Shame on people doing this discrimination. They will have to answer to Hashem.
3. Talmudic racism is beyond chutzpah
Avi Kleinsloff ,   Tel Aviv   (01.04.19)
It raises the eyebrows of all honest people
4. financial advisor
dorian s fund ,   tel aviv   (01.04.19)
Please close down this school.. I do not care that is a religious school. This is not a country of human rights and civil rights if institutions like this are allowed to exist.

They should lose their public funding immediately and all state recognition and licensing.

They are a blot on the country and on our religion..
5. If this is acceptable.......
DSM ,   USA   (01.04.19)
then Jews must understand when they are not accepted by non Jews.
6. If true sounds nasty& you'd think they'd be wary of exposure
in this era of instant information, thus endangering their financial support?!
What's going on here, like: for real????????????
7. It’s Israel.
Ken   (01.05.19)
8. eithiopian jews
maury   (01.04.19)
Ethiopian Jews held onto Judaism in spite of centuries of oppression. then through idf and mossad assistance, they were brought out to Israel. and they were certified as Jewish.

now we read instances of ultra orthodox school leaders discriminating against them. this is not acceptable. such leaders should be fired on the spot.

moreover, all the orthodox students when they are of age, should have to do army duty- no bloody excuses. if it means jailing rabbinic leaders for contravening state orders, then so be it.

the melting pot is good for Jewish people, black white whatever. Talmud Torah leaders implicated need a boot up the ass.
9. It's governments that are to blame
disillusioned   (01.05.19)
When governments (not just in Israel) decide that tribal separations need to be catered for, and carry this into basic needs such as education, town planning, transportation etc, this is what you get.

When these cults (considered oddities by the mainstream Jewish communities wherever they came from) arrived, instead of insisting that they integrate like everyone else, they allowed them to go their separate ways and to rebuild their insulated, and insular, ghettos, to speak their own language, teach their children separately from other children and, in a nutshell, to create their own state within the state.

Then subsequent governments carried this on, allowing it to become the "status quo" now claimed by the lunatic fringe as an absolute and inalienable right.

Had those children been forced to attend the same schools as all the other children, making any other form of education - including religious instruction - a private affair without government funding, there would have been fewer fanatics and a much better adjusted society.

To change things now would require measures that will be a lot more unpleasant, but not to change things now is setting a path for a far worse situation in the future. State funding directed towards specific groups of believers needs to be ended and ALL schools in the country should be required to have the same education, in schools that are all open to all. If the nutters want to teach their peculiar ideas to their children, let them do it in their own homes.

Children are colour blind until their parents interfere. Any educational institution that discriminates against children on the basis of their ethnic or religious background should be forced to comply with state policy or lose their funding, or if that doesn't work, to be forcibly shut down.

But... unfortunately, we have a weak and corrupt government, willing to make pacts with the devil in order to maintain their grip on power. Sadly, this is all going to blow up in their faces one day, when anger turns to violence. Israel is not immune from what is happening all over the world as they become more and more divided on tribal lines.
10. Their black skin could cause traumas...
They could be traumatized by meeting somebody, who looks different than them? What a bunch of snowflakes! How do they want to survive in a contemporary world, where they will be dealing with Japanese, Chinese, Christians, Muslims or Hindus? All peoples and nations are descendants of Adam, are thy not? Is the Torah not valid in the daily life of these hypocrites?
11. Why does everyone want to go to Ashkenazi schools?
Vered, Israel   (01.06.19)
We are always hearing comments about systemic racism in the Ashkenazi schools. So...why do they have such good reputations? It seems that their behavior would indicate that that type of education makes one turn into a jerk. "I learned all this Torah on such a high level that I can't relate to anyone else! Now, taxpayers, give me your money." "OMG, we need to go to that school!"
12. Moses wife
David Lyssy ,   San Antonio, TX   (01.06.19)
Wasn't Moses' wife black? You do know what God did to Aaron and Miriam when they spoke against her.
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