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German cinema offers free Schindler's List screenings to far-right party members
Itay Mashiach
Published: 03.01.19, 15:34
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1. They feel opressed by free tickets to cinema
What a bunch of snowflakes.
2. Cinexx
claudio   (01.03.19)
Anyone of the owners of the Cinexx think that the free of charge projection could change the program inserted on the head of the AFD robots????
No way!!!!!
3. Oxymoron.
Ken   (01.05.19)
4. Too dumb an idea to comment on!
5. Schindlers list is a fluff piece
k ,   US   (01.12.19)
does not even come close to showing what the Germans did in that war, I am pretty sure Spielberg knew no one wanted to see the "real" side of that war so he made it about a sympathetic character so people can walk away in a somewhat good mood
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