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Israel to paint cigarette, e-cigarette packages with world's ugliest color
Lilach Baumer, Calcalist
Published: 06.01.19, 22:18
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1. Same geniuses that passed the 'prostitution law', I presume?
2. What nonsense!
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (01.07.19)
If people want to stop smoking - they will. Doesn't matter what colour the packet is. I also find it a bit weird that the 'world's ugliest colour' just happens to be very similar to our boys' army uniforms!!!! Might want to rethink this!
3. Mr
Gidon ,   Tel Aviv   (01.07.19)
What a wonderful idea . One that should be used on unhealthy foods and obesity is now an epidemic and a killer. 30,000 in UK last year !!
Paint the bottles of high sugar drinks like Cola a hideous colour and tax it like a packet of Cigarettes .might help.
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