Netanyahu: Pre-elections indictment hearing is absurd
Published: 03.01.19, 21:46
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1. Netanyahu Indictment
Larry ,   Cape Town   (01.04.19)
If he's so concerned about his side not being heard, why doesn't he volunteer to attend a hearing - according to him he's got nothing to worry about.
HERMAN ROSEN ,   holland   (01.04.19)
3. Government and its leader
Boaz   (01.04.19)
Are replaced at the polling stations. Not by bullying, witch hunting and extortion.
What was achieved during Mapai and Labour rule? Austerity, margarine instead of butter, compound chocolate and yogurt only when I was sick.
Since Likud, people drive luxury cars, travel overseas, carry foreign currency ( which you could go to prison if you held more than $3k under Labour) I could go on and on. Shabbat Shalom
4. Netanyahu committed no crime
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (01.04.19)
Even if all allegations are true they are not criminal because nothing happened
5. It was Bibi’s decision to cause elections this Spring
He must have known the riska.
6. Typical Israeli blowheart..have met them my entire life
Al   (01.04.19)
Learned to ignore them for the ignoramuses they are.

Poor Israel has to tolerate this piece of work.
7. Citizens need to demand strict investigation limits
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.04.19)
Normally, when the police investigate someone to decide whether or not to lay criminal charges, it is all over within a few weeks. No REAL investigation goes on year after year like the hoax politically motivated investigation against Bibi. Citizens need to demand strict investigation limits.
8. Stop Persecuting Prime Minister Netanyahu
Sanhedrin   (01.04.19)
Mr Mandelblit risks trampling on the very democratic institutions he professes to protect if he indeed went ahead with plans to summon PM Netanyahu for indictment hearing before the elections. How could such a hearing help the voters make up their mind when only when the accusations are heard, but Mr Netanyahu's defense is not? Holding the hearing right in the middle of election season would be a desecretion of the democratic process, and show beyond the shadow of a doubt that Mr Mandelblit and Mr Nitzan are caving to the pressure from the left to oust a sitting -- and popular -- prime minister.

It is ironic that Mr Mandelblit's inclination to use public office to influence -- and potentially subvert -- the outcome of an election comes even as he implies Mr Netanyahu had breached public trust for private gain; those allegations and suggestions of wrongdoing are wrong, false and ludicrous.

The allegations against Mr Netanyahu are so full of holes that they would be laughable if they weren't so incendiary. Mr Mandelblit suggests that PM Netanyahu had misused his Communications portfolio to faciliate a multimillion-dollar media merger for personal gains. And what gains are those, you might ask? Positive media coverage. That's right, according to Mr Mandelblit and his team, all Mr Netanyahu wanted for facilitating a multimillion-dollar media merger was some soothing words in the daily rags. Apparently, the very same Mr Netanyahu who Mr Mandelblit claims was hankering after cigars and champagne did not even try to get more from Walla's boss than just a few 'likes' in the media. Where is the logical consistency in these cases? If Mr Mandelblit is trying to paint the picture of a politician who persists in violating public trust for personal gain, he is failing miserably because the facts of the cases just don't amount to that.

It is clear Mr Netanyahu had acted in the public interest when he tried to secure positive press for himself. Mr Netanyahu's track record of public service for Israel shows that he has completely aligned his personal interests with that of the state. Proper use of the media to advance state interests by portraying leaders in a positive light has been used -- and is being used -- by countries the world over.

Securing positive media coverage for himself through Walla would have helped Mr Netanyahu advance his foreign-policy goal of thawing relations with Israel's Arab neighbours and the wider world. Mr Mandelblit might not like it, but politics in the Middle East -- and in many parts of the world -- is very personality driven. When Mr Netanyahu approaches these strongmen to drive a deal for his country, these foreign leaders would research the Web to find out what the Israeli people think of their leader and whether he has the popular mandate to see the deal through. These Arab/foreign personalities are less likely to offer Mr Netanyahu anything good for Israel if all they read are reams and reams of bad press on him; who would? Imagine if they agreed on a deal with an Israeli prime minister only to have it revoked because his people revolted, these foreign leaders would be left holding the baby and, in turn, become sitting ducks to their own angry public. So it is perfectly legitimate, way past time, in fact, that Mr Netanyahu secured a media outlet that gave him fair coverage and allowed him to air his government's side of every story vital to Israel's interests.

Mr Mandelblit and his team need to stop persecuting PM Netanyahu. It is awful, painful to watch and just plain wrong. This exercise wastes everybody's time, strains the psyches of all involved and drains taxpayers' money. History will no doubt mete out to Mr Netanyahu's persecutors the moral indictment they so patently deserve.
9. If he is clean he should resign.
...yep resign prove his innocence and then return to power.
After all with his loyal followers and party members aid he should be able to find a caretaker likud prime minister no problem. Right?
10. Someone’s panicking !!! Notenoughpostyahuu it’s time to bid
Tehraniporou   (01.04.19)
11. That is true, but isn't there even a bit of doubt whether
these elections were set in motion because of the impending decision of the AG?
12. Bibi, you deserve it and
doda ,   tel aviv   (01.04.19)
there's nothing brutal or inhuman about it...
Karma will come to you as well. No-one is above the law and those in trusted positions should be held to even higher standards.
You (and your family) have abused your position long enough.
13. netanayahu and ammona evacuation
jeb   (01.04.19)
if orders were clear, then there would not have been evacuation. just like the meshall hit, bibi's operations are untidy, unclear and never exact.that is why he hardly does them-he chases ceasefires or says meaningless we will give them an unimaginable blow. all know he would never do it. he reeks from fare.

so what to do. the dilemma is who he faces. lapid is warmed over olmert, a security ignoramus who would withdraw from lands and bring you hamastan,. he is not to be trusted. gabbay-he is gullible and weak though he at least got rid of livni, who Israelis would like to see retired. they have had it with her olso erekat embrace. gantz, a failed general if shapira report means anything.

so vote for Bennett who shapira praised for bringing and forcing the tunnel for feiglin who sees things clearly.

do not vote for bibi-he is a coward over and over again.

Israelis,stop playing tel aviv fancy coffee games, vote for those who will give you secure and defensible borders. he is unfit to ever lead men in battle in my opinion no matter his past. i would not follow him and i doubt idf soldiers have any respect for him.

ultimately, your leaders are a reflection of you and so far save a few, you don't look good.
14. insecure and gutless
ray   (01.04.19)
even though Russia is acting against Israel , bibi runs to Putin to create understandings with trump leaving the scene, bibi is so insecure, he cavorts with the adversary who he gives Israeli military plans to. Russia then informs Hezbollah of Israeli plans.over and over we see this routine of bibi.- he acts like a frightened coward. i see it but you Israelis do not???!!

this happens repeatedly. bibi is such a coward that he is unable to stand firm on his own. clearly, idf is doing a bad job in graduating soldiers who continue to act weak, be insecure and chase ceasefires. this is my opinion. bibi should have been thrown out of the idf if i had anything to do with it. at most he is a press officer, he is not a fighter in any sense of the word except rhetorically.

now he expects us to believe that his military secretary was confused about his orders. bull, i do not believe bibi at all on this.

vote for Bennett. bibi at defense is a damn joke and makes Israel a laughing stock.
15. Why does that consideration take such a long time?
N ,   N   (01.05.19)
Case 1000, case 2000, case 4000? What's next, waiting for case 8000 before deciding, or better wait for case 16000,...?
16. gantz war record- a disappointment to say the least
ed   (01.05.19)
open your eyes. since gantz is getting lots of easy press treatment without uttering his plans, lets look at his recent record.

in the hezbollah war, i recollect a general reviewing the war results and criticizing him for not having his troops ready. unlike sharon in 73, he certainly did not grab olmert by the shoulders to get him to change his strategy.

now fast forward to the Gaza war. he was criticized mightily by shapira. i found him to be passive and like yaalon, did not get to the tunnels until Bennett forced the tunnel issue out into the open to be dealt with. ganz was a disappointment as chief of staff.

so gantz talks about having a dignified party leadership. gantz-wrong- i want a strong leader who will lake charge, adjust strategy when needed and not sit back. as far as i am concerned, you are not that leader no matter how much ynet and haaretz extol your virtues.

Israel has had enough of bibi who is scared of his own shoelaces. it needs Bennett as pm, not you. if you had your way, hamas would have sent its men through the tunnels to kill many Israelis. and likewise in the would not have dealt with the tunnels. galant is many times better than you are in the defense sector.

gantz, you are not the man that Israel needs.
17. In Short: The AG mustn't, period
Baruch Maoz ,   Mazkeret Batya   (01.06.19)
The AG must not file charges before April 9 so as not to impact elections, nor before the new Government is formed so as not to impact its formation, nor 18 months later so as not to impact elections planned 22 months into the Government's term, nor ... in short, the AG must not file charges, period -- at least as long as they are against Benjamin Netanyahu

18. Bottom line..people are tired of Netanyahuu and his family
Al   (01.06.19)
He will lose the election. Question is what kind of PM will replace him.

The people will decide and will have to live with their choice.

As it stands right now I don't see any capable leader who can lead the country.

Israel has become the proverbial floating ship without a rudder.
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