Legal experts: New Israeli prostitution bill fails to provide rehab services
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Published: 03.01.19, 23:16
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1. One would think the Knesset had more important things to do
DSM ,   USA   (01.04.19)
Just more government control.
2. Execute terrorists & leave consenting adults alone
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.04.19)
Instead of stupidly prosecuting adults for consensual acts, Israel should execute murderous "Palestinian" terrorists. The consenting adults hurt nobody, but terrorists maim and murder Israelis by the thousands.
3. the only way to stop it... take the profit out of it
jore ,   la   (01.04.19)
4. That is an absurd law. Let people be free
Tehraniporou   (01.04.19)
5. Idiotic 'law', that never worked anywhere.It'll lead to even
more crime (just like "Prohibition" spawned the vast crime organizations that haunt us till today!!!!)
Idiots should not be let into Knesset, but as we know- they are being voted in by the public in droves.
6. This law is pure castrating evil.
NYNY   (01.05.19)
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