Opposition lampoons Netanyahu for campaign against pre-indictment hearing
Moran Azulay
Published: 06.01.19, 10:32
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1. Truly a fitting Troika of utter fools& lairs and losers.
2. bibi is correct
martin   (01.06.19)
if mandlebilt indicts, the hearing should be completed before the election to know if indictmentsticks or does not. otherwise, it is unfair.

the ag cannot let unfinished charges take before the election. finish them or wait till after the election.

Bennett is far superior to bibi in security, far far superior. the tragedy for the Jewish people is that they are swayed by a media that really paints them as dzimmis, always submissive, wrong to use force to exercise sovereign power, wrong to make claims of national nature..
3. AG has no authority to interfere in the elcetoral process
C   (01.07.19)
he cannot indict a sitting prime minister just before elections.
he can have a sealed indictment placed under gag order.
4. re:inditment of bengimen nathneu
sass ,   ashdod israel   (01.07.19)
as primeminester and defence minister , he h as all the power to stop the ballons , set fire to all hamass green fields notlet ablade of green grass be seen in gaza then we will see no more demontrations on the border fight fire with fire end of hamas donow
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