Opinion  Orly Azoulay
Israel will regret placing all its eggs in Trump's basket
Orly Azoulay
Published: 06.01.19, 16:19
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1. Orly, an Obama groupie, didn't give such advice then,so shut
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (01.06.19)
up now.

You have never had anything smart to contribute on any subject.
2. Self -respect
PermReader   (01.06.19)
What to say about the author who blame Trump for no Israel-first idea.? The slavish participation in American Trump -war with the threat of fruture regrets, is the leftist collectivist pbygotry signature. More self- respect, please.
3. Yes, but....
charlie ,   SF, USA   (01.06.19)
What about Hillary's emails, and Barak HUSSEIN Obama, and moving the US embassy???
4. Does Orly think Obama was better or Dems will be better if
Alan ,   SA   (01.06.19)
they win the next Prez Election? I dont think so in both cases.
5. Trump is the overwhelming reality of now & the years ahead
Cameron   (01.06.19)
Not as if many alternate paths and directions exist have ever existed for Net and Israel to choose from, Miss Azoulay.
6. Israel's basket
Arnie ,   montreal   (01.06.19)
The writer seems to downplay the fact that Israel has a lot to offer the entire world. The basket is not only American "eggs"
And more important why would the USA want to throw Israel under the bus ?
7. I agree with everything except for one thing
DOV ,   USA   (01.06.19)
Americans will continue to support Israel after our commander and thief gets impeached or voted out of office. Israel is the only democracy amongst it's neighbors where people of all nations and religions choose to live and fight for.
8. Obama and Trump
Barry   (01.06.19)
In actions, Obama did for israel more then Trump would ever do. The embassy was an empty gesture, and Trump is leaving the middle East for the wolves.

Also - a good friend tells you when you're wrong. And Israel under Netanyahu is making infinitely many mistakes.

Israel is a complicated place and as such cannot tolerate simplistic unsophisticated world views. Otherwise it'll not survive.
9. Trump is like fresh air under Western wings but Bibi is
getting bit stale.
The problem: there's nobody on the horizon to replace Netanyahu.
His contributions far exceed his shortcomings.
US after Trump will either be much stronger& influential or, thanks to 'civil war' go down with a bang....
Europe is doomed, so we're doing pretty well (so far).
10. Orly Azoulay
Steven ,   Rockville MD USA   (01.07.19)
She wants back the Obama years, since Obama had Israel's back... to plunge a knife deep in it. Just wait for the new kind of Democratic congressional delegates, one of them on the map put a note over Israel and wrote on it Palestine. She also a avid supporter of BDS.The other, Anastasia Cortes demanded Freedom for Palestine, but could not show it on the map. Orly, how can you be so stupid?
11. Democrats
Papo ,   florida   (01.07.19)
a Dem will alway protect a Dem no matter how bad they are!!
12. Let's pose a different question
Bertram ,   London, UK.   (01.07.19)
Why on earth would Trump lend unconditional support to Israel? I certainly don't buy the laughable notion that he wants to support the only democracy in the region (since when has Trump been a supporter of democracy?) - or the even more ludicrous notion that it is because his son-in-law is Jewish. If his recent behaviour is anything to go by 'unconditional support' (e.g. he's a great guy. he will do a wonderful job, etc.) is the kiss of death. Trump's prime objective is a second term. For this he certainly needs the unconditional support of his electoral base in rural and small town middle America. My guess is that such people know few if any Jewish people, let alone know or care anything about Israel.
13. Trump's actions are pro America & pro-Israel
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.07.19)
We are dealing with a very simple, clear cut issue. Trump's actions on everything from Jerusalem to Syria, Iran and border security are pro America and pro-Israel. Obama's actions on everything were anti-America and anti-Israel. Obama was profoundly hostile to Israel, and he would have been even more hostile had the US Congress not restrained him many times. Such as the time Obama tried to force Israel to yield to Hizbullah's demands! When we talk about Obama, we talk about the individual who deliberately gave Iran the means to build nuclear bombs to use against Israel!

It would be amusing to watch Jewish leftists trying to obfuscate the clear, obvious truth about Trump and Obama, if they weren't so stupid, disgusting and downright dangerous.
14. burden of proof
Marcel Dagenais ,   lethbridge alberta   (01.07.19)
your burden of proof if your not an Israelis fake news is on you.now you need to show Trump`s speech that said those words.
15. Better later than never
Avi L.   (01.07.19)
Better later than never.

It took some time (2 years) for Ynet to finally understand Donald's true nature a spoiled child who grew up into a moron (Rex Tillerson) with no sense of loyalty nor understanding of rules people learn since kindergarden.

Just a few month ago Donald was named "person of the year"
16. Some think Trump is pro US and pro Israel
Bertram ,   London, UK.   (01.07.19)
But then I’ve heard from similar sources that the Pope is Jewish.
17. and Orly Azulai will rejoice when we get Aushwitz Borders
EvilPostZionistMedia ,   Jerusalem Israel   (01.09.19)
forced on us ....is there any more evil than the Self Haters of the Leftist Post Zionist Media whose ultimate goal is our self destruction along evidently
theirs ...psychiatrists would say they have a "death wish"
18. Trumps an idiot
sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (01.09.19)
Trump has two parts of a brain, left and right. In the left side there is nothing right. In the right side there is nothing left. He is an idiot and is not fit for public office. He is a Pro-Putin Russian operative. The American people that voted for this racist idiot are nothing but misguided simpletons who have no clue or are too dumb to realize the magnitude of the damage he has caused to the office and position he currently occupies and the nation. He doesn't realize what makes America great is it's soft power, not his isolationist American agenda that is so dumb it makes me sick. America is not great because of it's own power, it was great because it worked with it's allies to become the leader of the free world.
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