Opinion  Ben-Dror Yemini
Netanyahu is playing with fire
Ben-Dror Yemini
Published: 06.01.19, 23:41
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1. A two tier system of justice
DSM ,   USA   (01.07.19)
It is clear the United States now has a two tier justice system, one for people like Hillary Clinton who should be facing justice for high crimes against her country and another for ordinary people facing justice for lesser crimes. Joe Blow will be charged, indicted, tried and convicted, not so for someone like Hillary. Regardless if Bibi is innocent or not, don't let him get away without having to prove his innocents. To do less will split the country in a time when unity is most needed.
2. Banana republic
Richard Szental ,   Jerusalem   (01.07.19)
The campaign against the rule of law is turning us into a banana republic. Menachem Begin must be turning in his grave.
3. Oh really? Our 'legal system' regardless of Bibi-hunt is one
of the most corrupted and crooked in the West.
Supreme Court rules supreme over government& "The People".
Our elections are a farce, since there's a 'man'(or a woman) in Jerusalem that knows best what's good for the common folks, regardless of the decisions of the elected lawmakers
4. As you say
Me   (01.07.19)
Investigations were going for years with not much substance to warrant an indictment. So they dug deeper and deeper. They found some cigars and take away meals, but this was not enough to replace him. He got positive coverage from Naana. Of course, he is a politician with a PR agent to provide him with the best coverage. Since there was nothing the process stalled for years. Now he is running for re election, so we rush to indict him and sabotage his chance of winning. This is not democracy, this is a dirty trick. But the very perpetrators, the left in this case, will never get in again. Left is passe
5. Netanyahu is bad for the future of Israel
Mark Jeffery Koch ,   Mount Laurel, NJ USA   (01.07.19)
Netanyahu is the mini Trump, a man who cares more about himself, money, and power than he does for his own country; a man known for being unfaithful to his wife, dishonest with those who work for him, and a man who believes that the laws that apply to everyone else do not apply to him.

The American people will eventually be rid of Trump and his insults, cruelty, lying, attacking minorities, vilifying the press, narcissism, and his appealing to racists, bigots, and anti-Semites.

Israelis should remember that less than 40% of Americans support Trump and consider themselves Republicans. Don't make the same mistake Netanyahu has made and put all your eggs in one basket. Israel cannot survive if it continues to denigrate those who do not support the far right.

Netanyahu and Trump will soon be gone. The special relationship between America and Israel must survive and be strengthened and it will never happen if the right wing in both countries tries to silence those who speak out against them.
6. A lie in te very first sentence
PaulD ,   Jerusalem   (01.07.19)
"This isn't criticism of the justice system, which is legitimate". I Don't believe this is honest for a second. The Left, has it's own definition of what is legitimate; criticizing and blocking a Right-wing government's decision is legitimate, promoting the Left-wing agenda is illegitimate. The Left is one-dimensional, sinister and defines reality to suit their constantly failing fantasies and thrist for power. Everything about this push for political-indictment has the finger of the devious Left written all over it, and nobody is buying it.
7. the emperor's cloth....
tomer ,   jerusalem   (01.07.19)
this is not about left and right (ben dror yemini is certainly no "leftist" journalist)
His article is showing the deep concern for us israelis how Bibi tries
to influence the public,the legal system and the media concerning the
looming indictments.His latest "trick" (early elections) will not save him
to stand trial but costs us,the public millions of shekel.
The police and attorneys investigated,held several hearings with PM in which
he had his say and sent to Mandelblit their reommendations.
Mandeloblit has to decide .The sooner the better for the sake of our justice system and public trust. bibis claims (annother hearing,u cut of my arm ,
there is nothing etc.etc) are basless and only show him ,sadly enough,
as an emperor without cloths. A man without doubt with great political skills
but poor judgements and low ethics. A tragic end.
8. Everyone knows "investigation" vs Bibi is a farce
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.07.19)
Outside the leftists, who are behind the hoax "investigation" against Bibi, everyone knows it is a farce. Bibi has been "under investigation" practically his entire tenure as P.M. Yet, there is STILL no evidence of any real crime. The investigation itself is the real crime.

The criminal accusations against Bibi are laughable. Normal high level political corruption is proven by evidence of multi million dollar payouts, Swiss bank accounts, chalets etc. In Bibi's case, the accusations involve bottles of wine, take out dinners and normal small gifts people give their friends and acquaintances.

No wonder polls show indicting Bibi will make NO difference in Israeli's voting plans. Israelis are proving they won't be manipulated by the farce.
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