PM: I want face to face with state witnesses
Published: 07.01.19, 20:39
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1. Justice
David ,   Ra'anana   (01.07.19)
Let him face his accusers. In democratic countries it is accepted practice. They call it a trial.
2. Right to Confrontation
Mike ,   Los Angeles   (01.07.19)
The accused shall have the right to confront their accuser.
3. financial analyst
dorian s fund ,   tel aviv   (01.07.19)
Netanyahu could not have said it any better, he is no different than anyone else. Therefore when is is charged with a crime and brought before the court he will than have time to prepare a defense, question witnesses and make statements. Not before so that he can intimidate witnesses or change the scenario.

He is using his office for his own person defense.

He called a national live press conference but it was about his own personal problems.

He abused this authority making this calling this type of press conference. Perhaps he should just follow Donald Trump and send out Twitter comments.

These are the actions of a guilty man, not an innocent person
4. Running scared Bibi?
Cecil_green ,   London   (01.07.19)
5. save israel from livni and her type
hy   (01.07.19)
many Israelis have been harmed by livni's Oslo embrace which she slavishly continues.. Dead, wounded and maimed israelis, thousands of rockets are not enough for this obsessive, ignorant one track moron. how did law school ever admit her.

israel must be saved from her ramblings.This also applies to lapid who is a born liar hiding his real politics of concessions.

gabbay is gullible but at least he fired livni directly and that is in his favour. I congratulate him for his deed for which he need not apologize.

to make livni happier, she should take up residence in ramallah and move in with erekat whose bidding she has been doing for some 10-12 years.. i don't believe a word she says period.
6. Such public... such leader
Jacob Edelman ,   NYC   (01.07.19)
The current Israeli public deserves such a lying, duplicitous Prime Minister. Perhaps these antics by Netanyahu would finally help the Israeli public realize what a dangerous demagogue and "leader" is the man who speaks in tongues.... He is the carbon copy of Trump or is it the other way round?
7. Israeli's, do not allow a two tier justice system....
DSM ,   USA   (01.07.19)
as we now have in the U.S.
8. Who does he think he is.....Hillary Clinton ?
Scott ,   USA   (01.07.19)
9. Confront or debate
mindy   (01.07.19)
Netanyahu is a professional debater.
Since when does the court need a witness if they
have evidence?
Netanyahu is trying to make this trial-by-jury, but
Israeli court does not have juries.
Netanyahu will, if tried, be the defendant, the defendant
does not present evidence first.
10. He might think he is Hilary Clinton but
Naor ,   Jerusalem   (01.07.19)
we all know what happened to her bid for power.
An obvious act to get public sympathy - be interesting to see if it worked.Anything is possible these days in Israeli politics.
11. If you WANT him to be guilty, you'll probably 'find' enough
'evidence' right now, without trial.
Then you may proceed to sentencing& incarceration.
If you basically agree with the guy, then conspiracy-theories are your game.
You choose.
12. enough questioning - time to sentence him
doda ,   t"a   (01.08.19)
how many chances is he (and his family as well) getting
no-one else got so many chances

prison now
13. Dictators talk like this! R we no longer a democracy?
14. A professional debater
Betty   (01.08.19)
I would not want to go against Netanyahu that the sun appears first in the east.

Netanyahu will have the ability to confront the charges if they are brought against him.

HE is the one to decide on elections in April and not June, He disassembled the government, he is the one who delayed questioning for reasons of ?state?
15. I too want daily news and tv coverage...
Tomer ,   Jerusalem   (01.08.19)
Dear PM, its misuse your access to tv and media to try to fool a few people ,but you can not fool all the people all the time. Now its time for the legal procedures.
16. HE may have the gift of gab but a scoundrel he is.
Al   (01.08.19)
17. pm dramatic announcement
geroge   (01.08.19)
pm should not be making political speeches or personal legal iappeals on national tv. Of course it is a good try by bibi whose main aim in life is preserving his pm job. everything else is secondary.

the way the legal process works is the state develops sufficient evidence to charge. then the prosecution lays out their case in chief with bibi's lawywers cross examining witnesses. then bibi take the stand to say what he wants to say with support witnesses. court is not a public he said she said.

one thing bibi mentioned may have relevance. lapid met with mozes more than once when he was finance minister. so what if anything was discussed and offered. Lapid may have to be indicted as well if there was a quid pro quo.
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