GOP's 1st bill on Israel boycotts divides Democrats
Associated Press
Published: 08.01.19, 09:35
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1. Democrat party is mostly pro-bds
David ,   New york   (01.08.19)
sime Jews are still deceiving themselves and thinking that the democrats support Israel, just because they throw a few platitudes about being "for Israel"
But let the republicans show them for the liers they are
2. Agree with Congressmen
who put resolving the government shutdown, first.

Marco Rubio is wrong, wrong, wrong to bring the first piece of legislation in the Senate about anything other than this, for American citizens.

Sorry to say, but Rashida Tlaib's challenge was legitimate.

Not wise to cry wolf with shouts of anti-Semitism, when not warranted.

Rubio is wrong, end of story.

3. The usa can boycott whichever country it decides
Joseph ,   USA   (01.08.19)
It had done it with Cuba and others as well. That doesn't give people the right to. Violate such sanctions and go buy Cuban cigars. Not even under the first amendment freedom ofspeech. I understand that boycotting an ally nation is illegal.i might be wrong. But just like or government days who we cannot buy or sell to among the nation's
without consequences then the states should have the right to the opposite and oppose bds
4. The Democratic Maiden is being raped without even knowing it
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