Abbas can cause Gaza to explode before the elections
Shimrit Meir
Published: 08.01.19, 22:34
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1. Let’s hope he does....!
2. Arabs
Arturo   (01.09.19)
Arabs, you can't live with them, and...you can;t live with them.
3. Abbas is RIGHT
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (01.09.19)
How can the West Bank Palestinian taxpayer continue to fund UNCONDITIONALLY and WITHOUT REPRESENTATION the Hamas Government of Gaza to the tune of $ TWO BILLION EACH YEAR? What angers West Bank Palestinians even more is seeing some of their taxes used by Hamas to BITE THE PA HAND THAT FEEDS IT by actions to subvert and sabotage PA in Gaza!

Surely West Bankers have the RIGHT to TRANSPARENCY!

To know where and how THEIR TAXES are being spent in Gaza by Hamas as THEY ALSO HAVE THE RIGHT TO DEMAND AN IMMEDIATE END TO PA 'BLOOD MONEY' thats bleeding the ordinary taxpayer to the tune of $ THREE HUNDRED MILLION EACH and EVERY YEAR?
4. Inaccuracy
Expert   (01.09.19)
The media loves to portray the govt of Hamas as having taken over the Gaza strip by force. In fact they won an election, but Fatah wouldn't cede power, so Hamas seized it after a fight. The poor Gazans have exactly the rulers they want. No need to feel sorry for them. Next election, Hamas could win in West Bank, as well. This is probably why there haven't been any elections in many years. It would be mighty embarrassing for the world to see who wins.
5. Any 'explosion' in Gaza is welcomed, the bigger-the better!
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