In Arab world, belief prevails that Trump will recognize Israeli sovereignty over Golan Heights
The Media Line and Ynet
Published: 09.01.19, 21:41
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1. beleif isn't fact
David Yanni ,   Vancouver   (01.09.19)
Trump is not the United Nations.
2. We can only hope... THAT would be real progress. Turkey's
Rafi ,   US   (01.09.19)
already sitting on large swaths of territory in northern "Syria"...

There's nothing "holy" about most of the borders of Mid Eastern states: virtually all were CREATED - i.e. they were not there originally - by colonial powers 100 yrs ago.

Jordan (or Transjordan) and Iraq are probably the most egregious examples...
3. As if anyone would be insane enough to grant Muslim
hoodlums yet more territory for terror activity.
FO ,   Belgium   (01.10.19)
If President Trump is indeed ready to recognize Israel's 1981 so-called "annexation" of the Golan Heights it is not because he wants to please Netanyahu. I don't think President Trump would take the risk to violate the Fourth Geneva Convention if not convinced by his own administration that the Golan Heights NEVER were part of Syrian Real Estate as concluded by a "Special Report Prepared for the U.S. Center for Security Policy", but part of the Mandate for Palestine, the territory reserved by the League of Nations in 1922 to the Jewish people to create their own independent state. Even the term "annexation" by PM Begin in 1981 was superfluous as the "Mandate for Palestine" became International Law reaffirmed by Article 80, introduced in the Charter of the United Nations, by among others, the historian Benzion Netanyahu, father of the actual Israeli PM, who hasn't the guts to relate this fact, neither to reveal the classified Jewish-Zionist history between the two World Wars, afraid of a brutal reaction of the Israeli Left!

5. rabeynu
moishe   (01.10.19)
US embassy in Jerusalem very nice but Arabs and others still hate Israel and Jews.
as for Golan note that possession and might to defend is 10/10 of the law. did US give back Texas to Mexico?
6. golan is israel
james   (01.10.19)
Jordan saying Golan belongs to Syria is meaningless period. Israel should tell Jordan to shut up, that Golan will always be Israeli..

in the meantime, insecure bibi runs to trump to get USA approval of Golan as if that makes it immune from attack. bibi is so insecure and weak, he always tries to get others to do Israel's work for it. how about this-Golan is Israel-end of story. nothing to discuss.

incidentally the 3 provinces of Jordan on the east bank Ruben, gad and Manasseh should be reclaimed by Israel in return for peace.
7. Golan
Alex ,   Israel   (01.10.19)
Israel won the Golan in a defensive war against the aggression of Syria. LAND CAN ONLY BE RETURNED WITH A PEACE TREATY. As ISIS and Assad erased borders and mass murdered millions, the last thing in their minds should be starting another war with Israel...
8. Means little. Iran+Arab countries want Israel destroyed.
Sam ,   Montreal   (01.10.19)
It would be easier for them if the West just boycotted Israel and that is what they try to incite but sooner or later they will attack Israel so Israel has to be prepared.
9. Trump provokes global anger
Shinestar   (03.26.19)
Well, surely, Trump provokes global anger by recognizing Israel's claim to Golan Heights. He knows it, but doesn't care about it. And this comes as no surprise to anybody in the world now. Americans even dare to transmit to other countries' authorities various lists with names of some 'untouchable' persons... See for yourself!
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