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The man who wants to shatter the Orthodox monopoly
Yaniv Pohoryles
Published: 12.01.19, 19:56
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1. Excellent initiative which will win in Israel
Michael ,   California, USA   (01.12.19)
and around the world. The stale Orthodoxy must die. Orthodoxy is responsible for all t hat befell Judaism everywhere.
2. Jews care only about Jews, not the millions of Palestinians
Steve Benassi ,   Plymouth, MN USA   (01.12.19)
... abused by the invading Jews, nor the Muslim nations being bombed by the Jews.

Invading Racist Jews will pay for their crimes in the Middle East, it is only a matter of time.
3. kinda stupid.
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (01.12.19)
What on earth do Israelis want with conservative or reform? If they believe in God so they are equiped to read Hebrew and understand on their own. Americans can't not do this so the conservative or reform which is watered down Judaism in ENGLISH appeals to them.

But an Israeli? conservative or reform is a joke!
4. Ignorant question
Me   (01.12.19)
Can we buy God with money? I wouldn't think so. My motto is live your life the way you want. I recite Kiddush, Hallah, fish and meat. After grace after meals, we put on a nice movie, have popcorn, chips and ice cream. On Shabbat morning sometimes we drive to the orthodox shul and other times to the beach.
I give God the time he deserves and take myself quality time I deserve. I don't want to change the writtings and have no interest in changing the orthodox prevailing status. I can afford it, but rather spend it on a Ferrari.
5. more liberal american rubbish
moses raymond ,   Jerusalem   (01.12.19)
there is no market inn Israel for this nonsense
6. Foreign interference is wrong and immoral
Jason ,   Tel Aviv   (01.12.19)
Foreign money or any other activity to influence local politics is unacceptable and anti-democratic. I hope there are clear limits built into the law for against these measures, even if well intentioned infringe upon the basic rights of Israelis who live here and fulfill their obligations as citizens.
7. the orthodox monopoly
steve ,   beer sheva   (01.12.19)
It would be easy to break this monopoly by not forming governments with the Haredim. They are not Zionists anyway.
Once out of government their power would erode and there would even be more money for the poor and ill.
The Haredi yeshivot would exist then on donations like they do abroad. And NO having the Haredim in the IDF is not a good idea.
Judaism was always pluralistic - Sadducees, Pharisees, Essenes and Zealots at the time of the Second Temple so lets continue from there.
Btw the Sadducees were like our non orthodox.,
8. amazing
Colonel Hogan   (01.12.19)
Lipsey believes that they are maintaining Torah and true Jewish tradition. That's why there's 75% intermarriage rate in the U.S. Keep up the good work -- in another 25 years, there won't be anyone left in the Jewish world who isn't Orthodox. All the rest -- well .... they'll probably disappear.
9. Easy solution
Rube Vogel   (01.13.19)
If Conservative Jews want more influence in Israel, there is a simple solution: Move to Israel (and not just for a year).

Staying in America and demanding that Israel change to accommodate a handful of Conservative Jews while having no skin in the game is a bit presumptuous.
10. "Bill Lipsey's and the Honey Foundation" are undermining
Alexander Scheiner ,   Israel   (01.13.19)
efforts of non-orthodox but Zionist organisations to be recognised in Israel.

The "Honey Foundation" is un-Jewish, since in their Website they are promoting events with "Beer, Bacon (!) and BBQ".

I understand, that the "Honey Foundation* is sponsored by the US association of pig farmers.

For Zion
11. Orthodox neglect connecting to masses of non Orthodox
ShoeBoxSynagogues ,   Jerusalem   (01.13.19)
He’s right in that there is almost no communal connection to isrseli synagogues The Synagogue for most is strange and foreign other than life circle occasions The historic institution of the synagogue that was the glue of all the Community is not found here instead small shoe box size synagogues based on this or that style of ethnic prayer not welcoming to all the neighborhood very little esthetics within or without like we had in Europe and most of the Galut that inspired even the secular Jews simply don’t exist here almost none have any communal activities other than prayers
Creating the bizarre tragic reality that for the masses of Israelis the of the treasure of the synagogue has become
An unfamiliar and even forbidding institution there needs to be large esthetic synagogue community centers not based on specific ethnic traditions but for the mssses who now mostly do not identify with these ethnic identities
Neglect of the importance of the synagogue and its relevance to national identity is sadly missing here Would that there were more
beautiful and architecturally inspiring large neighborhood synagogues as we knew in the Galut of Europe America and eisewhere Torists visiting Israel often ask “where are your synagogues we se beautiful mosques and churches but never your synagogues” of course they do but they look like sad little “ shoe boxes”....
12. Admonistions and warnings in Torah
Bar Star ,   Jerusalem   (01.14.19)
about our obligation to keep mitzvot is not an abstract idea. We are Bney Brit. Bad things might happen to us if fail to keep it. Look what happened to the assimilated Jews of Europe only two generations ago! The world is full of stupid people who never learn from history.
13. Ra'anana and its mercaz klitah for olim, very nice city
14. Reförm Hungary lie about death, in NY support Jew haters
What nonsense. The reform make things up as they go along, changing laws on a whim more often based on leftie regressive ideology.
Their religion is clearly not Judaism but some new warped version of cuturalmarxism and fascism.
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