Shin Bet Director says 'foreign country' trying to meddle in elections
Published: 08.01.19, 22:28
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1. Seriously? Already nullifying Bibi’s coming victory??!!
2. Always been foreign election intervention everywhere
US has proven to have tried in over 80 national elections globally.
3. Already meddled...
...Some years ago for E. Barak.

Look it up.
4. Now you see, in all its shameless nakedness, how our 'Hidden
Estate' manipulates everything.
Already they're sowing the seeds of doubt & suspicion in your hearts and minds as to the possibility of (maybe!) Netanyahu's next victory being "fixed".
This is like 'pre-Trumping' the Trump hysteria in the USA!
Nefarious forces of lunatic Left are doing all they can to put the Genie back in the bottle.
5. Would that foreign country be AdelsonLand?
6. jackasses
bud   (01.09.19)
Israeli officials could not figure out that Chinese management of the haifa port is a security problem. bibi who has limited business experience and who is almost a novice in terms of security leadership could not understand that foreign control of the port is a bad idea. trade with china is a good thing but no foreign control of strategic assets is permissible. bibi is a dumbbell along with shteinitz and katz. now they are walking it back because of usa objections

i call on the idf to release bibi's war record. how could a commando be so dumb. there must be something else. this is exactly what lapid and livni would have done. they are dumb as bibi when it comes to security.

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