Ex-minister Gonen Segev signs plea deal on Iran spy case
Gilad Morag and Yishai Porat
Published: 09.01.19, 10:22
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1. YNET deliberately omits his part in the " Oslo Horror'
"Oslo'sMurderer" ,   Jerusalem Israel   (01.09.19)
he was bought by the Left to vote for Oslo along with a another MK
bringing about the death of nearly 2,0000 men women and children
hundreds more maimed for life and millions traumatized to this day
he is evil personified but YNET "chose" not to include this as they
too were supporters of the Oslo Massacre Horror "Peace Plan" and
no less have blood on their hands
2. Sentence should be for life!
...and while he's serving his sentence no furlough, no conjugal visits, no computer and no cellular phone and no one should speak to him ever again.
This man is bad news!
3. He must know 'people' upstairs:-)This is ridiculous, I would
get more for robbing local kiosk....
4. That's slap on the wrist. Not even shame/pretense of justice
5. This is the Israeli the world knows.Whether it’s a President
Ken   (01.09.19)
or a prime minister, or a idf soldier.
6. How many Iranian ministers and president the Mossad has
Tehraniporou   (01.09.19)
Recruited ? We as Iranians have three known weaknesses. We love beautiful women, we love money and we have a bit of an ego. Any attempts to play with these elements goes to the heart of any Iranian
oleg ,   Florida   (01.09.19)
8. He's a SECOND term jail-bird and THIS is all he gets?!Really
9. Hands dripping with blood of "Oslo Peace Process" victims
Evil-Incarnate ,   Jerusalem Israel   (01.10.19)
2,000 dead thousands more maimed for life millions traumatized by
the "Oslo Peace Process Horror " thanks to him and another
traitorous MK bought by the Left ..his crimes are so enormous
that only a special place in Hell should be his reward
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