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Ukrainian shtetls make a comeback
Dr. Yoel Rappel
Published: 12.01.19, 08:31
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1. The Mind Boggles “ Jewish Roots?” & Idol Worship
EndOfJewishCivilztn? ,   Jerusalem   (01.12.19)
Looking for your Jewish Roots in Anti Semitic Ukraine 2.2 million Jewish men women and children many viciously at the hands of the Ukrainians in those villages Is not Judaism in its purest form the direct relationship between
A Jew and the Creator with no intermediate as brought to the world by Abraham ? There seems little difference between Christianity with its mediator and this Hassidic tradition of using a deceased Rabbi to intercede don’t be surprised where this will lead . Tragically today Traditional Judaism has no clear prominent moral voiced leader respected by the masses
Ukrainian villages are being created in Israel with an average
of 20,000 non Jewish Ukrainians making “ Aliya” yearly . Rabid Israeli Assimilation Hasidic Idol Worship and massive non Jewish “Aliya”points to complete breakdown in Jewish secular and religious leadership.
2. Ukraine beware they're self-absorbed schnorrers
Do not let them in they won't leave!
3. Hasidic Promised land
Yes! Send them there in droves it will solve Israel's "averich" problem!
4. Intersession by dead rabbi? Where have we heard that b4?
Ah yes Christianity
5. GIve me that old time religion.
jochair thijssen ,   kfar saba Israel   (01.12.19)
that is including the daily persecution
6. DNA... Khazar-Ukraine Jews returning to their Homeland
Steve Benassi ,   Plymouth, MN USA   (01.13.19)
Palestinians are Native to Palestine and the Levant, White European Khazar Jews have no DNA from the Levant.

7. Meshuga
SAM   (01.13.19)
These guys are Meshuga!!!!
8. Really?
Dan ,   Miami   (01.19.19)
I think it's a fantastic idea... move back to Ukraine (Bielorussia, Poland or your choice of those peace- and jew-loving countries... excuse me... "Magnificent Kingdoms") but please do not ask world Jewry or Israel (a country many of you despise) to come save your hides when the next pogrom comes rolling in. You dig your grave and you lie in it. Zei gezunt.
9. They are not coming back, because the people are dead
AshkenaziJew   (01.20.19)
The population of the shtetls is gone. My grandmother's family is from a small shtetl, in 1939 their family consisted of over a 100 people. Only 4 (four) survived the Holocaust. The only Jews left in that particular shtetl are the ones buried in the cemetery. There is a huge abandoned Jewish cemetery, in a sad state of disrepair, because all of the descendants who could take care of the graves are dead. That town was declared "Judenfrei" in 1944. In the 1980s some enterprising locals invented an interesting business: they would come to the cemetery at night and steal one of the tombstones. They would later polish off the yiddish lettering and sell the "cleaned up" tombstone for a nice profit. Eventually, the only stones left untouched were the elaborately carved ones, that were not "reusable". So, yeah, spare me the story of "shtetls revival". They are dead, and so are the millions of their former residents. That entire Jewish culture that Sholom Aleihem wrote about is now extinct.
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