Opinion  Alex Fishman
Hamas knows election time is the ideal time to extort Israel
Alex Fishman
Published: 12.01.19, 00:00
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1. How do you influence behavior of criminally insane? That's
a tough one to answer.
Certainly not by 'hope/endurance/good example'!
Arabs in Gaza are just that.
I'd venture to say all Muslims are like that: insane in comparison to our present day, Western values.
The solution is 'out there'.
You know what it is, everyone that matters on this planet knows what it is.
The child that cries our about the Emperor has not revealed itself yet.....
2. No Muslim Jihadi country really wants peace and prosperity!
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (01.12.19)
That is against their entire jihadi montra. The second you settle for peace and prosperity, is the second that you have to disarm yourself and find a job to feed yourself and your family. How do you do that with the least amount of skills and experience? You will end up going through hard times until you learn. But if you can get paid to go to war, then you just instantly make a paycheck. The poor young population in Gaza have no choice, but to fight, get paid and get fed. That is the reality of mullah biz.
3. Eliminate the extortionist
Avi L.   (01.12.19)
Eliminate the extortionist and facilitate some other gangster who would have something to lose, beyond his own life, attacking Israel
4. m
moishe   (01.12.19)
Israel; domestically they fight. externally they unite.
5. Take lessons from China about how to treat enemies
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.14.19)
Throughout all of human history, it was always the winner who extorted the loser. Leave it to us Jews to allow our vanquished "Palestinian" foes to extort us! When will we ever smarten up and treat our defeated mortal "Palestinian" foes the way normal nations treat their defeated foes? Israel needs to take lessons from China about how to treat our enemies.
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