One Israeli-Palestinian conflict, six solutions
Giora Eiland
Published: 11.01.19, 22:28
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1. And, of course, the impossible 7th approach
which is what the Palestinians are wanting: A one-state solution, Palestine, from river to sea, with the right of return for the '48 refugees.

That is what the "right of return" marches in Gaza are about, and the BDS movement.
2. The sooner Israel admits there is no solution.....
DSM ,   USA   (01.12.19)
and puts all the country's efforts into protecting itself militarily and economically from those who would destroy her, the better for Israel.
3. "Two nations'.That says all there is about this idiot-author
4. general brik and attack
edgar   (01.12.19)
ever since the hezbollah war, idf has relied in air power primarily to the exclusion of offensive ground invasions in full. olmert fearful of spilled blood and bibi paralyzed by his own fears, have failed repeatedly to commit to an offensive plan. halutz was an embarrassment.

gen brik's comments on the state of preparedness is very illuminating as to how idf should fight wars. it has to be prepared to fight multi front wars with sufficient troops and with enough tanks with trophy protection to take out the guts of the enemy bases. it has failed to do that since sharon. eisencott has improved training but still decisive moves are being put off hoping the arab world will change. in the meantime deterrence suffers.

soldiers need to be more independent and capable from cleaning and fixing guns etc to other tasks. and the idf has to be allow d to counterattack in full. olmert and bibi in particular has limited responses. this will not do and this is i believe what gen brik is talking about. whereas bennett carried brik's philosophy, netanyahu failed miserably in going on the offense. and there is a time to go on the offense and not hide behind walls.

finally who is leading the idf and defense is crucial. i prefer gen sharon, gen eitan over gen zeira and gen halutz. i also prefer gen galant over gen gantz. having said that, general gantz appears very decent and proper and likely has a role.


finally trying for peace yes with eyes wide open. it cannot be that the only one trying for peace is Israel. the Arabs have to want peace as well. the oslo experiment has been a savage disappointment for Israel with many casualties. so much for gantz seeking more of the same.. and there is no more room to withdraw from. if gantz believes there is, then there is nothing to talk about.
5. The struggle between the 2 nations?
tiki ,   belgium   (01.12.19)
That's where it goes wrong already!

1) There are no 2 nations!

2) The "struggle" is one sided!

The last 70+ years have proven this fact.
6. in 50 yrs,Jews will be a small minority West of Jordan
Khalid Amayreh ,   Occupied Jerusalem   (01.12.19)
Israel is doomed, so is Zionism
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