No more than 1 wife: Israel looks to tackle Bedouin polygamy
Associated Press
Published: 11.01.19, 11:43
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1. Impact of polygamy can't be understated
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (01.11.19)
Polygamy is a key factor in the ills down south. The social and emotional toll on the first wife should be obvious, as is the poverty endemic in these large families. That these marriages frequently involve first cousins also means a higher incidence of birth defects. And the rapidly growing population (there were only about 20,000 Bedouin at Israel's founding) means more pressure on land and more illegal seizures of State lands. And Regavim is one of the few organizations monitoring this land grab.
2. End to the Bedouin birth explosion
tiki ,   belgium   (01.11.19)
Should have been done years ago.

They want polygamy.......plenty of Arab/Muslim countries to choose from.
3. Teby wouldi care?! They’re not of us, let them be.
4. Another anti-male law to destroy men and their happiness.
NYNY   (01.11.19)
And to make them slaves to women and offspring they no longer love.
5. Property ownership - land vs women
L   (01.11.19)
Because men are stripped of their land, they need to have women as PROPERTY? Pardon me but is this person legitimizing the need to have multiple wives? It's the most pathetic excuse I have EVER heard of for the reason for polygamy. If the Bedouin man can't own land (which they don't since by definition didn't Bedouin ROAM?) then it's acceptable to have multiple wives as their property? I'm flabergasted.
6. Bedouin are onto something....I feel....:-))
7. bituach leumi takes care of the second wife
The second wife is considered unmarried according to bituach leumi. So she is entitled to monthly payments.
8. but it's ok for haredim to have 10 kids!?
9. New bill: Responsibilty Bill
The Arcives ,   Kuala Lumpur   (01.13.19)
should be legislated by the goverment to prevent unscrupulous Islamist from shedding their responsibility of nurturing and raising up his current family. Islam should not condone polygamy should the man prove incapable of raising and providing for two families. The Bedouins should interpret the Koran logically according to modern times.
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