Mahmoud Abbas, the frequent flier
Elior Levy
Published: 10.01.19, 20:55
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1. Freeloader
Boaz   (01.11.19)
Abbas: How can you look in the mirror knowing that you finance your lavish lifestyle with donations meant to feed your people.
Reminds me of a beggar with 3 jars. One reads food, the other house and the third Ferarri
2. The Little King
Jake ,   Dallas   (01.11.19)
Has so many campaign ribbons
I know he fights to keep his Swiss bank accounts secret
but what else did he get those ribbons for?
3. Proves one thing: money, stolen or otherwise, prolong life.
4. All true creeps get to live long+happy lives. WHY?
5. The President of Palestine
tiki ,   belgium   (01.11.19)
Fleeing his 'country in his private jet on a Jordanian passport.

Dividing his precious time between his palace in Ramallah and his villa in Jordan.

And the Israeli media call Bibi corrupt.....LOL!
6. You spotlight Abbas lifestyle?
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (01.11.19)
NOTHING in comparison with the scale of PLUNDER by Hamas of Gazas resources over the decades

The 'tunnel taxes', expropriation of aid on a grand scale, smuggling of weapons, extortion, labour racketeering, loan sharking...the list goes on

We can only guess at the level of their individual wealth..some reckon Mashaals personal wealth at $3 billion, Haniyeh at $1.2 billion, 'Chief Money Man' Zahar at $ 2 billion.....

Any wonder why Hamas are so desperate to keep a firm grip on their GRAVY TRAIN WHATEVER THE COST TO GAZA?

7. Abbas: frequent murderer Israel refuses to bring to justice
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.11.19)
Who care how many air miles Abbas logs? Israel's government is letting him get away with countless mass murders of Israelis. THAT is all that counts about him. Bring Abbas to some measure of justice. Execute the b*stard before he dies. His countless victims had no chance at a long life.
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