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Exclusive: How Mexican drug baron El Chapo was brought down by technology made in Israel
Ronen Bergman
Published: 10.01.19, 08:38
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1. With the money he can offer, I'd help him escape anytime,
The 'bad-guy' moniker is all crap, meant for children that don't know better.
We are aware of how the real world works and nasty piece of work as he is, he's doing what he's doing only because it is fitting/aiding the 'System'.
All these mafia-type people could be taken down anytime IF the authorities (that's 'WE the People') really wanted it....
Good luck, old Chapo!
2. Raid Algtard is also followed by NSO and will be dealt with
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (01.10.19)
3. Old "Chapo" should have honey poured all over him and then
be placed comfortably on top of 'bulldog' ants' nest.
That spectacle should then be televised live, worldwide...
Another option is cutting him& bounding to a pole, then having rats do their thing
Televised as well, of course!
Still nothing can balance the amount of evil& pain this little prick has caused untold scores of people.
Mind you: he was operating because "people" were willing to accept it.
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