US: Muslim group sues to block 'No Boycott of Israel' bill
Associated Press
Published: 10.01.19, 10:12
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Robert ,   Israel   (01.10.19)
In the same way Muslim feel they have the right to sue the State of Maryland for enforcing an executive order barring state agencies from contracting with businesses that boycott Israel, The state of Maryland has the right to choose whom they want to work with. This happens at State level and in private companies too. WE ALL HAVE THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE WITH WHOM WE WANT TO BE FRIENDS WITH AND WITH WHOM WE DON'T. WITH WHOM WE WANT TO WORK WITH AND WITH WHOM WE DON´T.
So, this Muslim group took his option. DON´T COMPLAIN NOW.
2. In any sane nation/state there shouldn't even be a question
of any boycott of Israel whatsoever!!!!
The very fact that this issue creeps into american politics is a sure sign, that the VIRUS has taken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3. "peaceful advocacy of a politically-motivated boycott."
According to Porky Sherry, threatening the lives of Paul MacArtney, Moby, Madonna, Foo Fighters and other artists for agreeing to perform in Israel is considered "peaceful advocacy of a politically-motivated boycott." *OINK*
4. Mark Sherry- truths and honesty are not Israeli virtues.
Ken   (01.10.19)
5. BDS is a movement that advocates for destruction of Israel
C   (01.10.19)
bds is a palestinian muslim movement that advocates for the destruction
of the sovereign jewish state of israel.
bds advocates for the return of all so called palestinians into the territory
of the state of israel, land that is sovereign land.
bds invokes hamas arguments and it has nothing whatever to do
with free speech.
anytime a group advocates for the destruction of a sovereign nation,
it is engaging in illegal activity.
6. BDS claims
C   (01.10.19)
bds is a movement of palestinian muslims that claims that israel is an
occupier and colonizer of so called palestinian lands.
this claim is absurd since no land is recognised as "palestinian"
by international law.
so called palestinians are descendants of muslim imperialists of
the ottoman empire and before the ottomans, of mongols and
arab muslims from saudi arabia.
there has never been a muslim sovereign in the land of israel,
or in the territories generally referred to as the west bank or gaza.

muslims have attempted to destroy sovereign israel since israel
declared independence, and murdered jews in pre-state israel.
they will never succeed.
7. Constitutional rights+fine legal points are beside the issue
What's relevant is the hysterical blindness of people all over this planet to the evident murderous and duplicit nature of Islam and its practitioners.
Thus supporting a self-declared outfit that calls itself "Palestine", a blatantly fictional entity, is a sure sign of mental deficiency caused by political malnutricion.
The US is entering a phase, that if not checked, will lead to its demise.
8. Israel can thank Catholic Charities and the Lutheran church
DSM ,   USA   (01.12.19)
for bring so many Muslims into the U.S. and settling them in Minnesota and Michigan states that are now sending Muslim representatives to congress who will vote against any bill that may help Israel.
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