Israeli Arab voters prefer Tibi to Odeh, poll shows
Yuval Karni
Published: 13.01.19, 11:43
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1. Not clever. They vote as Arabs instead of as Israelis. Just
shows what their real priorities are.
Just like in Gaza, narratives of "Hamas has taken over" are false, so here in Israel: Arabs/Muslims CHOOSE exactly what they want and clearly they'll never want us, Israelis as sovereign people in own land.
2. Dinasuars all tarred with the same brush
Tim ,   Brighton   (01.13.19)
Odeh, Tibi, Zoabi?

What a pathetic bunch

Pea brain dinosuars all tarred with the same brush

Looking more like a load of ageing, self seeking, self aggrandising, two faced, double dealers WHO HAVE NOTHING TO SHOW when it comes to serving and representing their Israeli Arab constituents
3. this is wonderful news
zionist forever   (01.13.19)
Odeh leads Hadash which is an arab party with a small Jewish following so they want to sound moderate to try attract Jews from the far left and imake Joint List more attractive to leftist parties desperate to form a coalition.
Tibi is an arab nationalist radical along with the party he leads and so there is no friendly face of arab politics which Odeh was supposed to be.
Moderate arabs who might have voted Joint List when it was led by Hadash might find Tibi to radical for other liking and prefer not to vote.
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