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Pompeo repudiates Obama Mideast policy, takes aim at Iran
Associated Press
Published: 10.01.19, 17:26
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1. That' why Orla Azulay & "Haaretz" hate Trump and love Obama&
ab   (01.10.19)
2. Trump and the presidents he supports are all the same.
Ken   (01.10.19)
3. Bravo Pompeo in the heart of Arabia expressing support for

Obama always avoided mentioning Israel in his 11 trips to Muslim countries while President, more than anywhere else, certainly Africa he visited twice only, one was for Mandela funeral during which he was laughing and taking selfies with the hot PM of Denmark.
4. Everyone is confused. Is Trump staying or leaving?
steve ,   beer sheva   (01.10.19)
Poor Erdogan how can he plan his attacks if US foreign policy is constantly changing?. Maybe these are the tactics of Trump to drive everyone insane . Or could it be that Trump is so unhinged that this all comes naturally to him?
Anyway the comedy act called Trump's Flying Circus keeps rolling on; Monty Python could not have done better!
5. The naked Kings of America
Mr.Reason ,   Berlin   (01.11.19)
One can just wonder the hutzpe of these anglosachsonian petrodollar brokers to preach to the world how to live. The music is changing every now and then,.. bla bla freedom, democracy, bla bla, but the lyric is the same..... crude oil to be sold in US Dollar only, so we, USA elite, can continue to print, and you - the nations of world - have the honer to ship your goods to us, so we can control you better.
Iran is bad, because in 1953 it wanted to control its resources, that's why we removed the elected minister president, and replaced him with a dictator Shah, who was later replaced by yet another mad dictator.

No big deal, we do it all day long, see for example in Ukraine, where we have installed a fascistic junta to oppose the Russians, who too do not like to dance after our country music.

Israels problem is, that being dependent on these clowns from Washington it is giving up values jewishtum stands for.
It stands for sure not for killing people to drive bigger cars, to seed hatered and incitemnt among nations to devide and rule, support terror and Bandera fascists in Kiev.
Israel has to choose between tactical security and startegic survival as an ethic nation.
There is a country, which Israel, being a small country, could rely on - its the same country, which liberated Auschwitz and saved the Jewish nation from western genocide in the time when IBM was printing the tattoos on Jewish inmates.
6. worthless blabber in face of a clueless President's actions
Rafi ,   US   (01.11.19)
In terms of modern US foreign policy, TRUMP IS ABSOLUTELY THE WORST PRESIDENT since the Civil War!

It will take generations - if ever - for the US to recover from the damage he has needlessly inflicted on the stable post-WW II structure.
7. Obama supported the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran as the new
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (01.13.19)
custodians of the ME st the expense of Israel and the eternally complaining Jews. Just like Clinton went to war against the Christian Serbs on the side of the Muslim Albanians. Just like Jimmy Carter allowed the secular Sha of Iran to be toppled in favor of radical Shai Islam.
Trump is still a breath of fresh air and thanks to him there is still a chance that all the problems created by his predecessor might get rectified (including George Bush who attacked the wrong country and was too chicken to also take on Iran costing many American soldiers lives as the Iranians were free to perfect the IED
8. stupid is as stupid does
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