Israel opens segregated West Bank highway near Jerusalem
Associated Press
Published: 10.01.19, 20:39
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1. Isn't it better to remove 'Indians' from the reservation?
2. No apartheid
Boaz   (01.11.19)
Just two separate roads: One for the ones who want to kill and one for the ones who don't want to get killed. Easy. The day they decide to drop their knives, bombs and riffles, these roads will become one direction each. The ball is in their court.
3. "Apartheid" Road
Helen Kaisermann ,   Haifa   (01.11.19)
When exactly did we return to "Trans
Jordan" and "West Bank"? I had the conseption that there were two I dependant states named Jordanian Kingdom and Israel. The troublesome Terrorists on both sides must be dealt with and sometimes civilians pay with inconvenience for the safety of the endangered species
4. m
moishe   (01.11.19)
Israel builds. Arabs destroy.
5. except for Arab houses
6. Segregated Roads
bm ,   T/A   (01.13.19)
It is sad that in 2019 Israel has decided to create such a road system with the most skewered of justifications .

We are jousting with an ever more successful BDS who look at every backward step we make and lo and behold just when you thought it cant get any more dumb , the Government opens up a segregated road and claims it is not an apartheid state, how poor are we ??

Why not invest the money in assisting the less fortunate , the needy , the lame and crippled , why not build a school or an industrial park but no lets build a segregated road and kid ourselves we are not becoming the very thing we are now becoming, an apartheid state.

A sad day for Israel
7. One step closer to Israelarabia
Funny how the right wingers will finally succeed where Arab terrorists and anti-semites have failed.
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