Hamas warns Israel of flare-up after IAF strikes in Gaza
Matan Tzuri, Yoav Zitun
Published: 13.01.19, 08:38
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1. Kill fat goon Haniyeh,stop allowing has brood access to Isra
ab   (01.13.19)
-eli hospitals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. As long as Hamas warns us, Eisenkott can babble all he wants
about 'deterrence' & IDF's glorious achievements....
3. The Hamas 4 Step 'GAME OF DEATH'
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (01.13.19)
Step One
First incite or bribe or coerce a mix of children, teenage hotheads, brainwashed fanatics to attempt to breach borders with the almost inevitable or even INTENTIONAL result of injury or fatality

Step Two
Use these YET MORE calculated and cold blooded deaths or injuries of Gazans as the excuse for launching further rockets

Step Three
Wait Israels retaliatory response and blame Israel

Step Four
Claim another Hamas 'victory' for Gazas 'protectors'

To Hamas THIS IS ALL A GRUESOME GAME OF DEATH using WITH CONTEMPT the lives and hopes and future of Gazans as mere pawns to solidify their choking grip on power
4. what blockade?-
Tzioni ,   Israel   (01.13.19)
It's dishonest and shows lack of understanding to throw in a comment about a blockade of Gaza. There is only a blockade of weapons, not humanitarian goods. The problems in Gaza, as most people know who have read more reliable sources than Ynet, are caused by Hamas and the PA. This separation fence conflict has been going on since March, and still the idiots - like trained rats - attack a fence and lob Molotov cocktails at Israel, with no chance of achieving anything to help themselves or their situation.
5. The Goon rule of Ham-mad
Alex   (01.13.19)
Ham-mad retaliates after Israel retaliates...a bunch of goons leading their people children from one disaster to the next.
6. Hamas warns
C   (01.13.19)
the islamist terror organisation will continue to warn for as long as it
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