IDF declares end of Operation Northern Shield with finding of 6th tunnel
Yoav Zitun
Published: 13.01.19, 09:21
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1. One undiscovered tunnel is more than enough for the Muslim
The damage that can be inflicted on our civilian population could be indescribable.
2. The tunnels themselves are an act of war.
David ,   Hartford USA   (01.13.19)
You needn't wait for Hezbollah soldiers, armed to the teeth, (courtesy of Iran), to rise out of them before counter-attacking.

Nasrallah is the leader of Hezbollah (and therefore Lebanon), so how is it that he is not being charged with trying to start a war? The UN must remove him. What is the UN doing about this? The same thing they did while these tunnels were being dug over the last few years: nothing.

Could the UN force, trained to look for Hezbollah activity, really miss all this digging and disposal of dirt and rock? More likely the UN willfully turned a 'blind eye' to it. That makes the UN an accomplice.
3. They seriously think it's over? Keep an eye open
doda ,   TA   (01.13.19)
and an ear to the ground!
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