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Gaza suffers from brain drain as young professionals look for better life
Elior Levy
Published: 18.01.19, 23:32
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1. All the smart ones leave, all the psychopaths remain.
David ,   Hartford USA   (01.19.19)
Maybe if the smart ones convinced all their friends and relatives to vote out Hamas and vote in some normal people to lead them, their lives would improve.

But it won't happen. Hamas controls everything. You vote the wrong way, bad things will happen to you. And since every Hamas soldier walks around with an AK-47 on his arm (brand new), who's going to risk a bullet to the head?

Gaza, you voted these goons in. Happy now? Oh, I know. Go celebrate your great government with a 'Death To Israel' parade!

Then, if you're capable of it, ask yourselves why you're in the position you find yourselves? I have absolute faith that you won't be able to figure it out.
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (01.19.19)
Them with war and poverty. What else can they do. They know now that they were promised a paradise that never existed. They know that they were used so a few people can pocket their money. Unfortunately, Muslims follow their mullahs each time blindly. Too sad, but Israel will one day will take over Gaza, and will re-build it, so a few sane people can leave in it with dignity.

3. "BRAIN-drain", in Gaza? You mean the only one has left?!!!!!
4. m
moishe   (01.19.19)
sane intelligent and ambitious young people don't want to live in a despotic kleptocracy run my insane leaders. would you?
5. Lets be clear who is to blame
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (01.19.19)
Not Abbas, not Israel, not Egypt, not the international community

The GUILT and the BLAME lie FULLY with Hamas...and sooner or later Hamas WILL BE ACCOUNTABLE

Because with Hamas openly perpetuating their ONE SIDED eternal and never ending conflict with Israel, with Hamas ravaging Gazas economy through mind blowing and brazen corruption and ineptitude - WHAT HOPE IS THERE FOR GAZA

With Hamas in power WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MINDS WOULD SEE ANY FUTURE, ANY PROSPECTS, ANY PROSPERITY left in Gaza and want to stay? Let alone any prospect of unified Palestinian statehood alongside Israel?
6. Islamic Paradise
Jake ,   Dallas   (01.19.19)
But Hamas said Islamic rule would bring about perfect society. Come to think of it, that’s what Iran and the Islamic State and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt said also. And each time all you get is poverty and misery. Something to think about I guess.
7. Long Ago
Ik ,   USA   (01.19.19)
Their brains were drained centuries ago.
8. brain in Gaza?
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (01.19.19)
any Arab who has a brain in Gaza will do his utmost to get out of that sick jail. Hamas cares nothing for its citizens and there is no real hope to get ahead and live a decent life.

Only getting out of that terrorist hole makes sense. Unfortunately few in Gaza have brains; we see that each Friday....
9. Brain drain?
tiki ,   belgium   (01.20.19)
For brain drain to occur, one has to prove there are brains on offer.

When people on a strip of land prefer to destroy Israel instead of building a future proves that there is a serious deficit.

A loser mentality is the only consistent factor.
10. First:prove the imaginary Palestinians have imaginary brains
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