In first political statement, Gantz says he will 'work to fix Nation-State Law'
Shahar Hay
Published: 14.01.19, 12:42
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1. All this silence only to finally utter another idiotic idea?
2. gants
Ella ,   paris   (01.14.19)
one new trash talking
3. Gants
DORIS ,   רעננה   (01.14.19)
And he will engender the life of our soldiers in order to protect the life of terrorists? I will never vote for him.
4. Beni Gantz starts arguments like an idiot
me   (01.14.19)
instad of showing his states and ideas
5. Total Support
The Nation State law is terrible and needs to be fixed.

Israel was not established to be this way.
6. gantz and brother of madhat yusef
jay   (01.14.19)
gantz, a commander of jude and samaria, waited on plo to rescue idf soldier madhat yusef as he bled out from a wound to his neck. the plo let him bleed to death. yusef's brother said since gantz could not take care of a wounded soldier, then he cannot take care of the state. right on, 100% correct.

gantz was also slow to react to the tunnel issue for which he was condemned by shapira report. unlike sharon, he did not persuade his superiors to change their strategy in the hezbollah war.

gantz is not fit to run the state. he utters the same rubbish that livni recycles and which Israelis reject repeatedly.

general galant is far more able than gantz is in the military sphere.

7. Never firget tgecDruze are an Islamic Sect
RDruze2Btrusted?! ,   Jerusalem   (01.14.19)
Whose main principle is “ always go with the strong”
If the wind changes go with it ...if the Jews look weak the Druse would have no problem switching allegiance...Lebanese abd Syrian Druse are fanatic haters of Israel and Jews as are those on the Golan they are in culture Arab Moslems mother tongue is Arabic as is their music food and tradition of dominance of their women they are against Jewish presence on the Temle Mount
They observe Ramadan abd most Moslem customs
8. Gantz will destroy Zionism
C   (01.15.19)
the nationality law simply states that israel is the jewish state where jews
have the right to self determination.
minorities in israel have political, social and religious rights, but they
do not have the right to national self determination.
gantz is playing a dangerous game by confusing the right to
national self determination with equal rights under the law.
next, gantz will eliminate the symbols of the state, including the
hatikva and the menora because israel's minorities find them
how can he expect soldiers of the idf to fight for the survival
of the jewish state if the state is no longer recognised as
the national state of the jewish people.
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