Opinion  Alex Fishman
By breaking its ambiguity on Syria, Israel backed its enemies into a corner
Alex Fishman
Published: 14.01.19, 23:25
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1. Nobody knows ......
Arnie ,   Montreal   (01.15.19)
..... what is going to happen next. But Iran making a move needs to be sure it can withstand a move in reply by the IDF.
2. Oh my, what is the poor Israel to do now???!
3. Yo, Alex: I totally 'feel' you! It must be maddening to
witness the success Netanyahu has on all fronts and not being able to inflict any real damage?!
You, Shiffer, London, Sima & rest of the deranged leftist camp are fading into history's fog, hopefully to never be heard from again.
Already I can barely make out the silhouette of your ship in the distance.........
4. Time to go
disillusioned   (01.15.19)
This, for the sake of boasting to his base, which is not exactly the elite of Israel), in order to "prove" that it is He On High that fights against the country foes and is therefore the "only one" who fights Israel's enemies.

It's unprecedented, it's reckless - and so utterly unnecessary, not to mention stupid beyond stupidity.

Together with his usual - and significantly worsened - instigation against the left (which in his world is anybody who isn't a Likud supporter and Bibi Worshipper) that is tearing at the foundations of democracy and encouraging brother-on-brother violence, he really has to go. He has lost his mind, which is now capable only of thinking about himself and his own survival . The rest of the country is, to him, irrelevant. It's all bluff and blah blah blah and that tasteless smirk that is almost permanently affixed to his increasingly unattractive face.

5. Is Russia going to start bombarding Israeli Cities as it did
Alan ,   SA   (01.15.19)
in Syria?"Like Palmyra or Aleppo.That would certainly be the start of WW3-and Russia knows it.I think it was OK for Bibi and Gen Eisenkot to end the charade of so called ämbiguity"Will Russia launch missiles from Southern Russia against Israel.?I also dont think so.. The BEST thing for all this brinkmanship to cease is for Iran Al Kuds and their Asian Allies is to pack up and go back home AND RUSSIA AND PUTIN KNOW THIS VERY WELL.Of course Russia can nuke Israel with one ICBM.... but will they? It really a game of "chicken ."So please dont worry!
6. Making Iran look stupid and powerless
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (01.15.19)
It’s clear that Iran doesn’t have the ability to fight back against IDF as even if no one knows who did it - they do
This allows Iran to pretend like nothing really happened and by Bibi telling the world what is happening makes Iran need to retaliate or loose face
Sticking to a previous policy for the sake of sticking to previous policy is just plain dumb
On the other hand - is Natanyahu playing to the crowd to get votes - of course and expect more of the same
7. What Plausible Deniability?
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (01.15.19)
Who thought the Greeks or Turks were doing the bombing?
It was patently obvious to the world and his brother that Israel was attacking targets in Syria, so Prime Minister Netanyahu did not tell us anything we did not already know.
When a young woman has a large bump in her belly after 7 months, it is hard to conceal her pregnancy .
10. How can they fear you if they don't know it's you ?
11. Alex Fishman has a good point
Discretion is often the better part of valour but in this case the message is clear and unequivocal ,that Israel will not sit idly by and tolerate a growing threat to its northern border and that was made unmistakably clear . In addition ,the confession or admittance is academic because ,presumably , both Iran and Syria knew the origin of the recent attacks.
CONFUCIUS ,   SAFED CHINA   (01.15.19)
Only show them half your tuchus.....( do not tell people the full story ! )
13. Who cares about security when there is an election to run??
Shachar ,   Eilat   (01.15.19)
The PM doesn't care, he needs to brag about being Mr Secuity...the Defence Minister doesn't care, he needs to brag about being Mr Secuity.....even the Health Minister doesn't care, he needs to brag about being Mr Secuity....say goodbye to security and hello to boasting and bragging.....
14. it doesn't matter... as long as Bibi gets himself RE-ELECTED
Rafi ,   US   (01.15.19)
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