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That's not kosher: Partial Belgian ban on religious slaughter alarms Jewish community
Yaniv Halilyand Tamar Shabak
Published: 14.01.19, 21:09
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1. THIS is what's alarming these fools??!!! Too funny indeed..
2. Stop feeding religion, let it die.
Ken   (01.14.19)
3. In New Zealand
Me   (01.15.19)
We raised money to take the government to court. Just as we were to start the process, a member of the community discovered that the minister of agriculture, in charge of the slaughter ban, was a shareholder in a chicken farm, slauthering Hallal and exporting to muslim countries. Once he became aware of what we knew about him, he folded his tail, stuck it between his legs and reversed the ban.
It pays to put a tail on the Belgian officials. You might find also a conflict of interest, same as 100% New Zealand pure, clean and free from corruption.
4. Very GOOD Belgium! Those who slaughter Animals PAY later.
smokeonwater   (01.15.19)
ALL those people who are involved in SLAUGHTERING animals of ANY kind, are destined to PAY for their CRIMES one way or another.
5. Values
Desertstraw   (01.15.19)
People with real Jewish values are vegetarians.
6. Kosher Slaughter
Tim ,   Brighton   (01.15.19)
The first and fundamental objective of Kosher Slaughter is to minimise suffering of the animal and maintain high standards of hygiene and handling and not simply a religious ritual

If science proves unequivocally that stunning does reduce suffering then THAT takes precedence over traditional practices and the METHOD can be fine tuned accordingly
7. Human and animal rights
j   (01.16.19)
MUST be above any religious law.
8. koser slaughter
sass ,   ashdod israel   (01.24.19)
now wher is the opionen of morghenu of Belgium on this subject
9. Come home to Israel.
Bar Star ,   Jerusalem   (01.27.19)
It will only get worse in Europe.
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