Barak, ministers slam Netanyahu for ending Israel ambiguity on Syria
Associated Press and Ynet reporters
Published: 14.01.19, 18:11
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1. It's all too obvious why he did it
disillusioned   (01.14.19)
He knows his grassroots followers who will believe he's "king of Israel" no matter how low he sinks. He's saying "you see? I am your grand master of defense, I am attacking our enemies" like nobody else can.

Of course, anyone with just a square centimeter of actual grey matter beneath the skull, knows this. But Churchill said that the proof that democracy wasn't the best political system was evident from just a 5 minute conversation with the average voter. That's pretty much the sum of why we've ended up with a dictator and the most unsavoury band of Likud gangsters fouling the air in the Knesset.
2. N is always working for himself, don't you know it?
Michael ,   California, USA   (01.14.19)
3. bibi
mike ,   seattle   (01.14.19)
I have always been a supporter of the Prime Minister but this time I think he made a mistake in publicizing the Israeli attack in Syria. I can't see any reason to go public at this time after so many attacks carried out by Israel in Syria with no official comment. If the intent was to communicate Israel's determination to Iran I am sure the attack itself was sufficient to do that. It seems that this was an announcement motivated by political considerations. The campaign should never affect national security considerations. Bad judgment by Bibi on this one.
4. barak lacks credibilty
mark   (01.14.19)
if barak had hit hezbollah and iranian emplacements hard, he might have a point. but his actions were few and far between. whereas under lieberman and eisencott, idf made many such hits.

bibi is likely doing this for 2 reasons.

1- for electoral purposes to puff up his credentials

2- to tell iran we are coming for you.

it would likely be better not to broadcast ones actions-let them speak for themselves.

bibi is not a real fighting soldier no matter his resume so he yaps. barak like livni should leave the political scene as Israelis have had enough of the 2 of them especially livni.
5. Barak recomended going to war in Iraq...Iran is there now!
jore ,   la   (01.14.19)
6. Barak should be the last to open his mouth,even if he's righ
7. Does anyone expect BARAK and "Ministers"to give Bibi a pat
Alan ,   SA   (01.15.19)
on the back for ANYTHING?Tell us when has Barak ever praised Bibi.
Prime Minister Netanyahu is ,without a doubt ,the finest leader in the world today and Israel is truly blessed to have such a leader. Mr Netanyahu is always calm and in control and unflappable yet at the same time he is always polit and and at the same time he is one tough cookie ! and the arabs know NOT to mess with him ! he is also very well spoken and articulate and intelligent and every single hair on his head is always immaculate in place .He is also a gentleman and is immaculately dressed, the fictional James Bond is just a shadow compared to Bibi. What a Gever, and Israel ,sadly, takes him for granted !
9. Barak withdrew from south Lebanon
C   (01.15.19)
he left the door open to iran and its proxies.
he betrayed israel's allies.

barak was a great soldier but he has never had instincts for strategy.
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