Police looking into Minister Ayoob Kara
Eli Senyor
Published: 15.01.19, 08:48
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1. For crying out loud!! More tall poppy silliness.
Keren Tzafon ,   Tzafon Israel   (01.15.19)

2. If not to defraud, why become a politician? Give me 1 reason
3. After 'there was nothing..' there's the good old&tried: 'I'm
innocent and a victim of political persecution!'
In the end (after sentencing) there's one final outcry: TZADDIK!
A tzaddik this man is!!!!
(or whatever one's called that in Arabic:-))
4. Kara and his empty position
Disillusioned   (01.16.19)
He only got the job because the courts deemed it illegal for the PM to hold so many portfolios, and because he cried foul and discrimination over the fact that he'd earned his place on the list for a ministry.

And by golly, what a botched job he's made of it. The post office is in tatters. He just counts his salary at the end of the month, not having a clue about what he's supposed to do in a ministry.

Yup, that's all he wants: the money and the perks. And if there were a few bits on the side, well, he's Likud...
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