New IDF chief Aviv Kochavi takes office
Ynet reporters
Published: 15.01.19, 10:10
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1. Kochavi: he is one among many, the many he leads
C   (01.15.19)
best of luck to general kochavi and the troops he leads, tzaha.

may all the prayers bring them myriad blessings and to the tiny
jewish state they defend.

prayers for the peace of jerusalem and for the survival of
israel, name of hashem.

the existence today of a jewish state and of a jewish army, jewish
intelligence services and jewish weapons, ensures that jewish
children will never again be torn from their parents' arms and sent
to unimaginable death.
2. What kind of messianic name is Avi Kochavi, really?
Jesus ,   NYNY   (01.15.19)
3. I wish him well.. but first think first ger the army ready
Al   (01.16.19)
War is on its way.. the enemy feels that Israel is weak.

The last cos was too worried about lunch.

He biggest challenge will be to drop 70ilbs.

What a slob.

I like the fact that the new cos is rail thin.

Mean and lean is what the IDF should be.

Its mandate is to be a mean fighting machine.
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