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Will US meddle in Israeli elections?
The Media Line
Published: 16.01.19, 20:26
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1. The US does not influence how people vote
Boaz   (01.16.19)
People, travel, buy cars, luxury apartments and supermarkets are full of goodies. They don't want the austerity of labour and mapai. Compound chocolate and margarine on a generic slice of brown bread. That's what they did to me until Likud came to power.
2. Not that Bibi needs it,
judah ,   jerusalem   (01.16.19)
So Lets talk about Obama's blatant interference instead
3. Let the losers support each other. The finest comedy ever.
Michael ,   California, USA   (01.16.19)
4. Why wouldn't/shouldn't it? Just as there IS NO 'center' in
politics, there's no 'neutrality' when it comes to relations among nations& their leaders.
Only this time it will hopefully be a friendly USA that's 'meddling'...
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