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Madonna in talks to perform at 2019 Eurovision in Tel Aviv
Ran Boker
Published: 16.01.19, 22:04
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1. Really, nobody commented? I know I DID!
2. wawa wogers will CERTAINLY have something to say about this
oferdesade ,   jerusalem   (01.17.19)
... unless - of course - he chooses to remain in post-brexit europe.
3. Babala,kabala- but the kesef talks
Alan ,   SA   (01.19.19)
4. Corrupt "Liberals" of the World have the money and the Power
SadHumanity ,   Jerusalem Israel   (01.27.19)
moral people haven't a chance in this world corruption pays $$$$
they rule in the name of "Progressives and Liberals"
Bar Rafael Ayoub and now Madonna the winners are soft porn stars tax evader military evader and a daughter of
mixed Arab Jewish marriage Ayoub Inspiration to Israeli youth to host along with Madonna "Big Brother " and other "Reality " programs sell to the weakest of society but in the name of "freedom Liberality progressive thought"
The power and money is and always will be in
the hands of the corrupt and immoral of the world ..." money talks
and Bull shit walks " I guess is the reality of the world least till humanity will finally rot from inside....
That the Jewish Homeland is now ruled by this the worst of Western
"Culture" and has abdicated its role in history to be a leader of a moral world is truly tragic ....
5. Keep her out, she's domestic terrorist
Peter Ross ,   Telaviva   (01.27.19)
Probably supports infanticide like the US Democrat Paty

6. Madonna in talks to perform at 2019 Eurovision in Tel Aviv
Boris Miller   (03.19.19)
That's great, hope she'll come.
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