Iran says it will keep military forces in Syria despite Israeli threats
Published: 16.01.19, 13:31
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1. m
moishe   (01.16.19)
Iran provides great targets for IAF. you can't hide from super snoopers and destroyers.
2. Israel produced PSYOP, to perpetuate Muslim craziness.
Jesus ,   NYNY   (01.16.19)
And of course IDF promotes this Hezbollah 100K Missile nonsense when the entire world combined including USA, Russia, China, India etc. has but a fraction of 100K missiles.
3. Iran is not going to roll over because Bibi threatens it.
Sam ,   Montreal   (01.16.19)
It will only motivate Iran. Israel should do the job it needs to do without bragging.
4. The JOKES on who?
Tim ,   Brighton   (01.16.19)
Notice the most bombastic, war mongering and belligerent within the Nazi Shiast Regime are the cabal of Revolutionary Guard who not only MAKE WAR but have fingers in the MONOPOLY of manufacture and supply of weapons and logistics generating eye watering wealth for the select few...see a teeny weeny conflict of interest?

Hence the extreme and fanatical Nazi militarism of the RG that has to be perpetuated to justify their existence and enable them to keep the ORDERS FLOWING as they accumulate UNTOLD wealth, growing richer by the day whilst devastating the financial well being and prospects of everyone else

THIS is one JOKE in Iran where no one is laughing except for the RG who are guffawing all the way to the bank
5. actions - fine; BUT less said by Israel, the better...
Rafi ,   US   (01.17.19)
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