Time for politicians to be honest about the Nation-State Law
Majalli Wahabi
Published: 18.01.19, 15:59
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1. The author is just a SMALL liar.
D.   (01.18.19)
2. Nation law means that foreign Druzee cannot emigrate
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (01.18.19)
to Israel automatically like foreign Jews do.

In all other respects Druzee citizens are equal to Jewish citizens in Israel.
3. All it did was clarify reality and show your true alligence.
Israel has always and was always going to be a Jewish state from the numerous documents going back to the 1800s all mention as a Jewish state with minority civil rights Israel also gave political rights but not national rights as was clear from the mandate for Palestine.
You are looking for group rights while Israel protects individual rights.
If you don't support the Jewish country you can leave .
Most nations in the world are either Christian or Muslim, I lived in a number of Christian ones and celebrated the fact they had an identity, never felt left out as a Jew, nor for the need to impose my minority religious or ethnic group on them. I had individual rights like anyone else. I was born in a Christian nation and while I would never celebrate Christmas it was part of the nations identity. Sorry if you aren't comfortable being a minority, welcome to the real world.

The focus here should be specific, there is any right you feel has been taken from you than speak up and you will find support from those who disagree with you, going on a ramble attacking the nations identity does nothing but put you in the, we don't agree attacka nd threaten everything box....
4. Nationality Law= euphemism for establishing Jewish fascism
Avi Yeroshalmi ,   Jerusalem   (01.18.19)
5. Nation State law recognizes Jewish contribution in blood to
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (01.19.19)
the founding of a homeland where Jews could fight back against their anihalators.
Without this the State of Israel would have been swept away by the Arab armies and almost was
It recognizes that Israel is a thriving economic democracy because it is the Jewish homeland and not the other way about
6. Do Jews have any other state? No. Arabs have 22 states.
Jake   (01.19.19)
If you don't like the fact that Israel is a state designated for Jewish national expression, you are free to leave.
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