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From New Orleans to Tehran: Life of detained Iran newscaster
Associated Press
Published: 18.01.19, 11:58
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1. I am super attracted by shaked and her black stcokings and
Tehraniporou   (01.18.19)
she was attracted by the Islamic revolution where Khomeini advised how to have intercourse with donckeys?? All the educated people from the shahs era laughed and cried.Some people are nuts
2. To all of her kind: may you get what you do richly deserve..
3. Mark Sherry's mistress
ab   (01.18.19)
4. America known to kill journalists who they don’t support.
Ken   (01.18.19)
5. Useful idiot, nothing more.
David ,   Hartford USA   (01.18.19)
Husband drags her to Iran and she falls in love with the revolution. Just another version of the 'ISIS Wives' story.

Low self-esteem women will do anything to get a man. Anything. Give up your name, your religion, your country, doesn't matter.

The USA is probably holding her for leverage against the guy Iran says they're holding. Make the trade. Let her go back to 'glorious' Iran.
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