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When Israel prepared to conquer Baghdad
Alex Fishman
Published: 20.01.19, 23:31
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Rafi ,   US   (01.21.19)
indicating the complexity of war decisions facing small nations in a region dominated by large powers...

Kudos to Y-net on one of the best written articles published over the past year.
2. Israel doesn't need Arab or Russian permission to strike
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (01.21.19)
The only coordination is with Americans.

Russians will be informed as a courtesy and Arabs can go to hell.
3. Time for leaders not enablers, appeasement leads to genocide
4. Even a clueless pawn like Alex can be correct once in
No matter how you turn it /spin it: the Big One with Iran is out there, in the future.
ask any palm-reader, crystal ball oracle...they know, we know.
With or without Americans, we shall be confronting Iranian dragon because nobody is willing to cut off its head now, while it is still a juvenile dragon.
5. First we take Baghdad then we take Tehran, then (maybe) the
idiots in EU/US will wake up.....?!
6. today is not yesterday
C   (01.21.19)
israel has much more advanced weapons of all kinds.
the sunni arab states are much more inclined to cooperate with israel.
the major problem is the hundreds of thousands of missiles pointed
at the entirety of israel from lebanon, syria and iraq.
it was a mistake that hezbollah missiles were allowed to stay in lebanon.
the obama regime was a catastrophe for israel and for the entire region.
already many lives have been lost and many more will be lost
because of obama's policies.
They would only end up giving it away like they have given away nearly other territory !
8. Biggest lesson
Danno   (01.22.19)
Failure to respond during gulf war has led to subsequent missile attacks. Israel should have said that any missile coming to israel would be assumed to be chemical or nuclear and would respond immediately before the missile falls IN KIND (ie, nuclear attack). And should have done so. That would have sent the message. Baghdad would be destroyed and the world would know to leave us alone.
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