Refugee relief: Palestinians raise funds to rebuild Yarmouk camp in Syria
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Published: 20.01.19, 23:08
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Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (01.21.19)
Tell the Syrians to accept the Palis as citizens. Maybe then they will not join ISIS or other crazy groups. The Arabs tried to defeat Israel, but did not succeed and will not for another 1,000 years. They have managed to get hand outs to re-build this place while Abbas is withholding salaries and other funds to make them go to war with Israel in Gaza? The Palis clearly do nto have a solid and just goal for progress. They just keep getting used, and pushed around everywhere. The Muslim world keeps using them for their PR, and then nothing comes out of it. Too sad that they do not have the courage to see the reality.
2. Suha Arafat former Christian will donate stolen $$$
PalestinianCoruption ,   Jerusalem   (01.21.19)
Her her hubby and their cronies siphoned off tens of millions of “ Palestinian Aid” monies funneled into banks around the world France after her to account for millions in their banks so she flees to corrupt Malta with her Lebanese lover the real father of her daughter....and the liberal media’s silence is deafening
Amazing how people change their religion for a “ crown” Former wife of the late King Hussein Presbyterian Suha Arafat Greek Orthodox now devout Moslems Suha dare not show her face in her “ beloved Palestine “ as she knows the Palestinians would most likely Kill her for stealing their money
Palestinians still in denial that the Moslem Arafat would steal their money
They blame the “ Christian” Suha for tricking him ..,
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