I fear for my life—not from terrorists, but from police
Titi Aynaw
Published: 21.01.19, 22:09
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In a real life situation , police or soldiers may not always have the luxury of politely asking some knife-wielding angry fellow to calmly drop his weapon, it may be a brutal choice of kill or be killed.
2. "I am not familiar with all the facts "
In which case ,best to reserve your judgement before automatically condemning the police .
3. A Darwin Award
A Little Yid ,   Beer Sheva   (01.22.19)
Don't threaten people on the street with a butcher knife. Don't run attack the police with a butcher knife in your hand, and you won't get shot. Pretty simple, really.
4. Putting the blame on others is the easyest of all
k   (01.22.19)
Instead of the demagogic whining about the alleged white racism the writer would better take the real responsibility for her community and lead them to appreciate the values of education path, hard working, family bonds and law abidance.
The American black racists like to put all the blame for their forlorn state on the "white racists" instead of boot-strapping themselves. Does this writer want her community to follow their footsteps?
5. Racists
Alex ,   Tel Aviv   (01.22.19)
To see how racist Israeli society has become, you just need to read comments on articles like this. Sad we have to stoop so low as a society.
Do not threaten the police and others with big knives ,and you will not be shot ,I promise !
7. Well said, Ms. Aynaw
Sharon ,   Haifa   (01.23.19)
The difference in approach between terrorists and this poor soul is striking, and too similar to what happens in the US. All those telling you to encourage the Ethiopian community to pull themselves together need to do the same to their lighter skinned peers, who not only commit more crimes, but are so much less punished that they are emboldened by the legal system to drag Israel down faster than any Islamic enemies can destroy her.
8. Titi Aynaw
Michael ,   NJ   (01.22.19)
I have visited Israel many times. I am not Ethiopian but right or wrong I am always proud for Israel when I see the Ethiopian fighters in their IDF uniforms. They paid a price for their Judaism in Ethiopia. Now they pay a price in defense of the people of Israel. The same kinds of prices paid by the Jews in all the scattered lands of their long exile. We are one in this most important of ways. And hearing your words, Titi Aynaw, which speak from the heart, I believe that you are even more beautiful inside than out. B'hatzlacha. Moshe
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